Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Star Spangled Girls…

I feel like the silent blogger lately, so much to blog about but so little time.  Summer is flying by so I want to keep up on our crazy happenings on their blog.  

Our 4th of July was fun, relaxing, and hot!  We ditched the crowds and spent a peaceful day at the farm, Trevor was away at EFY (Especially for Youth) this week. 


My animal loving girls saying “hi” to the cozy bunnies



Feeding the goats and sheep, that poor goat about hung himself trying to get food.



Cute…  Sage notice the smaller goats were getting pushed out by the bigger ones and not getting much food.  She wasn’t going to have that, so she went around the corner to make sure they got some too :)



Pony Rides!

Sophie and Sage absolutely love horses, just like their mom


A previous fun outing to Trafalga, taken from my phone


Then we joined the big crowds to watch the fireworks with cousins.  We were right under them, it was spectacular!

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!  I am so thankful for our freedoms in this beautiful country, and for those who sacrifice so much for our country!