Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Summer Vacay…


Heading to that beautiful lake behind us, we love Bear Lake in August!

Photo: Let's get this thing wet!

Let’s get this thing wet! 

Our good friends brought their boat, we took care of the housing.  Our condos/timeshare here is one of my favorites, right across from the turquoise lake, the kids enjoyed tennis, swimming, steak BBQ, games, and of course the yummy fresh Raspberry Shakes at LaBeus.


Cruising the lake


They had all the toys for this water mecca.  Trevor was a natural his first time wakeboarding (he usually slalems), jumping the wakes, turning backwards, cutting, it was fun to watch.  Paul still has it with his deep cuts and sharp turns, even though he left his brace (dang, bad knee), way to go hon!  The girls popped right up on the skis and Mitch did awesome on the airchair!


Kimi and Sophie, the water was GLASS!  So funny, they went cruising around a turn and Sophie was half way off the tube holding on for dear life, almost flying off when Kimi reached over, grabbed her and pulled her back on.  They were laughing so hard.  Check out those pig tails!   

DSC_3963Who needs a rope?  Love her smile and sense of humor!

DSC_3997We’re going in!  Fun times with great friends.


The Minnetonka Cave was beautiful



A little chilly inside, but awesome!

End of summer bash, now it’s time to start school and hit the books.  Summer flew by this year, but the kids are getting excited to start a new school year.  Trevor’s starting High School (it’s brand new), and Sophie and Sage are excited for 4th grade.

Wishing you all a great back to school week!