Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ghoulish Halloween- {Spooky Sunday Snapshot}


Annual city Halloween Party, always a good time!


My little spooks! Sage, a vampire, and Sophie, a spider- they wanted to be something scary this year, but how can a face like that be scary?


A night filled with games, cotton candy, pumpkin drop from a firetruck, seeing friends and hanging out with Frankensteins monster, so nice of our city to put this on each year, all free of cost. Josh was with us, but already off with friends.


I had to laugh, Frankenstein told Trev to take our picture and posed like we were getting married. For the record, he’s on stilts, I’m not as short as I look.

DSC_4331 DSC_4333

The girls school party. It was pretty good, I appreciate all the parents involved and to be able to help out, but I have to say, not near as fun as their last school parties full of music, games, fun activities with friends. There were 2 stations, no music, and a Halloween story during snacktime, they hardly left their desks. I’m all for structure when needed, but not like this for a party. The parents and teachers were proud at how good and quiet the kids were, I say they were a bit bored. The girls enjoyed their art project.


Gymnastics costume party for the girls. Their coaches made it fun while still working on gymnastic skills, rotating to different activities and dancing to Halloween music. Don’t mind the poor picture quality, I was on the balcony with my small purse camera, but had to add it for memories. They had a blast.


Trunk or Treating and Chili cookoff, still eating left over Chili :) You can’t see it here, but Bruno was a she for Halloween this year, with a little TuTu. Hey, if I can’t dress up my girls in TuTu’s anymore, I’ll dress my dog in one. He’s such a good dog and didn’t seem to mind, just happy being out with the family! Trevor, my tough football player, and friend Cade.


I missed witches night out this year, the night Nick came home, so we were excited to dress up for a friends Masquerade party last night. Fun times dancing, fog machine and good music, yummy scones & treats, and a walk down the haunted river, all the screams. Thanks Lisa, for having the "fun house on the block"!

Paul set up a Hay ride tonight for the kids to Trick or Treat throughout the neighborhood, it wasn’t long before it was a full ride with neighbors, then off to Grandma B’s for a good visit and the kids did one last Trick or Treat around the block. We broke it up this year, we’ll spend some time with Grandma & Grandpa D tomorrow so we’re not so rushed. Happy Halloween!!

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Ni Hao Y'all

A few fun visitors…

Guess who’s having a baby? Sophie and Sage were thrilled to see Lindsay and Danny at her baby shower (so was I!), here from CA, we’re so happy for them. We picked out a cute little dress and embroidered shoes for their new daughter. Congratulations D & L, you’ll be great parents! She’ll be one loved little girl. And, guess who came to dinner?…


Check out his braces free smile :)


We thoroughly enjoyed having Nick home for the week-end (for the first time since college!), even if we did have to share him with his friends… We had Paul’s famous BBQ’d steaks Fri night, and Nick cheered on his bro & sisters at their Saturday games, then some restocking at the mall for him. I have to say, this kid's matured being on his own at college, in this short time. He’s enjoying college life and doing good, keep up the great work Nick!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go Cougars!- {Retro Sunday Snapshot}

 DSC_4144She thought it was a little silly at first.                                                           tDSC_4149then showed some spunky Sophie spirit.                                                        DSC_4151         even a little attitude                                                                         DSC_4148                                                                                                                                                                                                       and some Green and Gold pride                                                              

We were discussing Halloween costumes the other day so I pulled out and dusted off my old high school cheer outfit and Sophie wanted to try it on.  I hinted that one of them should be a cheerleader for Halloween, since Trevor’s going to be a Football Player, so cute if they wore my old outfit for Halloween, but they had other, very specific things in mind hmmm, maybe next year.  She makes a dang cute cheerleader though, I’ll keep coaxing.  ;)  So, a trip down memory lane…


Don’t you love the big hair of the 80’s.  Ya, that’s me on top, sophomore year, and two of my best friends back right and middle right, and cute Mikki (front right), we keep in touch on facebook.  Such fun memories!  

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frightmares @ Lagoon- {Sunday Snapshot}

DSC01371DSC01376 DSC01378DSC01372 DSC01400DSC01399 DSC01381

Yae, I finally have time to blog, I have some catching up to do. We spent a fun filled day at Frightmares over UEA week-end. Paul had one day off while the kids were home, so we let them choose what they wanted to do, unanimous, Frightmares at Lagoon!  It’s a fun time of year to go- haunted houses, Halloween shows throughout the day, corn mazes, along with the thrilling rides, we used to take our boys here every October. Of course we like Pioneer Village for their ice-cream and BBQ dinner, so fun seeing Laryl and her family there!

The girls are old enough and brave enough, but 1/2” too short to ride many of the fun rides (the limits are very strict, although they can ride most of the rides at Disneyland). The kiddie rides are boring for them so we found some good ones we can all enjoy- the Tidal Wave, The Bat, Screamer, Flying Aces… We also enjoyed the boys favorites (and mom’s)- Wicked, the Samaria, and the Colossus, hope I can still handle theses rides with the girls :). We even tried the toilet paper in the shoe trick, but still not quite tall enough. Next year for sure! It was a fabulous day and worth missing Bunco and a party Josh was invited to. They each got $10 to play some games before leaving and won something to bring home.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the Fall / Halloween season. I finally picked up the girls costumes yesterday, no princesses this year, but still very cute. Lovin this time of year!

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Friday, October 15, 2010



Nothing like S’mores after a summer BBQ. Enjoyable Sunday evening, late July. Just picture the girls in their beautiful dresses they had on shortly before, they don’t waste anytime Sunday afternoons- off with the dresses, on with something more comfortable, can't blame them.

Guess who’s coming home this week-end? Can’t wait to see you Nick, the kids made a paper chain counting down the days :)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Escape to the Nines- {Sunday Snapshot}

Portland is beautiful this time of year. We stayed at “The Nines” above Macy’s, pretty chic!

the Nines at Night


Elegant room, fresh European design with a splash of color. Our days were filled with classes, banquets, visiting vendors, meeting other designers and CDI staff, along with Hunter Douglas, and many hands on displays, and awards assembly. The last night we enjoyed a formal dinner and dancing (if you can imagine about 100 designers, mainly women, dancing to some good music w/ a DJ, great workout, I love to dance!) Laryl was the grand prize winner at the drawing- woot woo!, it was comical trying to get her extra large boxes home on the plane, but we did it with style, kind of. And I was honored to be nominated as “Rookie of the Year”, thanks Frankie! The winner went to a designer from New York, hard to compete with that :). But very nice to be nominated and got a nice spiff and certificate.

I am now certified to sell drapes, excited. Here’s someDSC01335 I liked on display. Nice 3 finger pleat panels with decorative rods and rings. Goblet pleat with buttons, and the popular Grommet style with Roman Shades beneath. View album for a closer look, they look much better up close. This is something I’ll enjoy helping my clients with.


Self photo from the plane. We'll make a tradition of this each year, looking forward to next years in Long Beach :) It was nice coming home to my family. Thanks Paul for your wonderful support and taking great care of things at home, and Josh for filling in when dad couldn't, I knew everyone was in good hands. It was great coming home to my man and happy kids that were thrilled to see their mom, and wife.

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