Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

Fourteen years ago, August 20th, we were thrilled to have our second child. Josh weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz., and 21" long.

His first picture, even before he was cleaned up, I loved his perfect round, scrunched face

9 mths- a happy, healthy, chunky boy. The Similac man wanted him for his poster baby.

Kindergarten, everyone loved his curls but him

Josh's baptism, 8 years old, so many came to celebrate with us Josh in center, white & cacky

Josh has been a delightful son. Sorry, Mom's bragging rights... Everyone who knows Josh loves him. He has a heart of gold, he's a great friend and brother most the time, responsible, fun, an all around good kid! He enjoys sports, guitar, art, computers, and excels in math. He's a joy, even as a teenager, and has good friends.

Josh is holding Sophie

Cool brothers & friends, letting Sophie and Sage play FB with them

Bring it on!

Happy Birthday Josh, make it another great year! Love you tons!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dressed for Success

S & S excited and ready for their first day of school, it doesn't start for 4 hours, but they got dressed first thing to make sure they were ready in time. Sage in skirt, Sophie in jumper- don't you love the uniforms? Too cute!

Can't take your guitar to school, maybe later for show & tell


Phew, we (I) survived their first day of Kindergarten. Sophie and Sage received a very warm welcome and joined right in, with a few nervous giggles. Although they said it was very long, they were happy when I picked them up and seemed to have a good day and made some new friends.

Sage crashed shortly after she got home.

Sophie and Trev goofing off

They must've liked it- they were just as excited on day 2 and got ready just as early. Sophie still asked me to wait outside the door for her today, so I told her all the things I needed to do but I would be there to pick her up, she seemed unsure. I drew a small heart on their hands and told them if they miss me, look at this and remember how much I love you, their face lit up when I put two hearts on my hand and told them I will do the same- there's no doubt I will miss them!

Thanks for your well wishes and nice comments as Sophie and Sage start kindergarten. Blogging friends are great!

Monday, August 25, 2008

How am I going to sleep tonight?

Sophie and Sage are starting Kindergarten tomorrow!

They fancy "homework" and can't wait to have it officially, like their brothers. What studious girls!

Key Lime Pie anyone?

Sophie carefully working on her rainbow

Her look when she saw her sister's painting

What? Oops, I left some white showing

Sage decided to blend paint today. A masterpiece! if you can find the paper...

It's not like this is new for me, with 3 sons that loved kindergarten, but this is different... Sophie and Sage have only been home for 2 years, that's less time then they've spent in the orphanage. They had a great experience in preschool, but it was much shorter, a lot of fun, with a one-to-one ratio- hard to beat that. So this will be a big jump for them. They have done great at home, they know their letters & sounds, their phone number, how to tie their shoes- basic 5 year old stuff, but because they've had each other, they've held on to their Cantonese longer, had some twin language, and at first spoke what I call Cantonenglish :)... Now they speak pretty good but often leave off the ending sound, we're working on articulating. Although they've grown a lot, they are so small and cute (barely on the charts). I can't help but wonder... Will they understand their teacher fully and communicate well? Pay attention to the teacher, not to each other? Get lost in the crowd? Make good friends or cling together? They are smart and social girls, but still a little rough on the edges from their past, along with fears of being left. Will they feel comfortable and trust that we'll come back? (They are a lot better with this, but have never been left this long, 5 days a week). Sophie asked me to wait outside the door for her tomorrow.

Although they've done well, I'm sure this will be a big step for them and can be difficult. I'm so glad they have each other and they know how much mom & dad love them!! I'll be helping out in that classroom for sure :)!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun in Southern CA

It's here, our Disneyland video! School started and blogging got put on the back burner, getting 5 children ready for a school year is exciting, busy, and time consuming. The boys started school this week and Sophie & Sage start Kindergarten on Tuesday, can you believe it? A quick update- Josh turned 14 on the 20th! we'll celebrate on Mon, Nick enjoyed a week at EFY (especially for Youth at BYU) with a good friend, I enjoyed a day of Education week with my sis, a recent trip to the ER, first time stitches for Josh- he cut his foot on the boat, just before starting school & sports, what timing, and good-byes to D & L :( post later. The summer flew by and I hate to see it come to an end, but it's time to hit the books and get on a rigorous schedule again. I love this time of year.

Disneyland was magical! We loved seeing the girls face light up with each new experience- meeting the princesses, Mickey & Minnie, parades, fireworks, exciting rides, and turkey legs for lunch... They had fun getting their books signed by their favorite characters, they look at them every day now. They even liked the roller coasters they were tall enough to ride-Matterhorn was their all time favorite, daring girls! The boys had a great time with the family and some time on their own in California Adventures. We used to bring them here often when they were younger, it's great being back with little sisters! Trevor was chosen to dance with Cinderella in the show. The girls thought it was awesome seeing him dance with their favorite princess! It was so cute and funny, but I can't tell him I put the picture on the blog, he was embarrassed to dance with a princess. He's so funny, and all boy. We also experienced the 5.4 magnitude earthquake while visiting the princesses. It was pretty freaky when the whole ground shook, most thrilling ride of the day. They closed down most of the rides for awhile, so we had a long lunch, We're just glad everything (& everyone) was ok. I remember a few earthshaking earthquakes when I lived here after high school, freaky.

Thanks for the well wishes for Sophie, being sick on vacation. The mornings were pretty good for her, but by mid-day she just wanted to sleep and couldn't eat- poor thing. Thankfully, she felt much better by the time we got home, we'll just have bring her back soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Loving the beach...

We've had this Southern California trip planned for about six months. We were excited but before we left, I had a few doubts about going... Paul's knee injury, sky high gas prices, and Sophie has been sick (she seemed to be feeling better so her pediatrician gave us the ok). Luckily, Paul was determined so we stuck to our plans. We stayed in Vegas on the way (fun pool pics) and then off to Oceanside staying on beachfront property. Thanks Paul, for being persistent! We had a fabulous time and the kids were great travelers!

Unfortunately, Sophie's virus got the best of her while in CA, she had no energy and couldn't keep anything down (food). She was a trooper and still wanted to go everywhere. She slept through most of our outings so we made it as comfortable as possible for her, making sure she had plenty of fluids. Although she still smiled for the camera, she was miserable most days. We felt so bad for her, and Sage missed sharing all the fun with her sister. We'll have to take her back soon :). She started feeling better on the way home, and was 100% by the time we got home. So glad she's feeling better but what timing.

The boys enjoyed surfing and dinner at the Crab Shack. Sophie was sober and cuddly and just wanted to be held, she was so patient & sweet. Sage loved the parades, fireworks, and meeting the princesses and they all loved the roller coasters. Paul & I got to sneak away one morning and attend the San Diego Temple. It was so nice & beautiful, and very personal- only about 8 people in the whole session. We enjoyed all the shows at Sea World & of course the beach and Disneyland. Our boys were excited to show Disneyland off to Sophie & Sage for the first time (part II), or show off Sophie and Sage to Disneyland :), such good brothers! So glad we went!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My birthday again?

They say it's my birthday, but how many times can a girl turn 34?

I decided to believe them and enjoy the pampering. I definitely needed chocolate! My mom treated me to a scrumptious lunch at "The Cheesecake Factory". The chocolate Tuxedo cheesecake dessert was to die for!

Then we hit the mall for a quick shopping spree- Nordstroms. Thanks mom for the cute outfit, can't wait to wear it! Chocolate & new clothes, can't beat that!

Then off to the Parade of Homes. It's been a few years since I've been able to get away and enjoy the parade of homes, so this year Paul treated me for my birthday. We thoroughly enjoyed finding our favorite styles, critiquing the homes, and getting ideas. Plus, as a designer, I plan on getting back into decorating and space planning in a couple of years while my children are in school, it was good insight.

Thanks Paul for getting off early and making it such a special day. I can't wait to use the massage certificate you surprised me with. So thoughtful!

This upstairs bonus room was a girls haven, S & S loved it!

Then we met up with our boys for a great dinner at "Texas Roadhouse"

Sophie thought it was great be able to drop her peanut shells on the floor!

Not the best picture of my boys, they forgot how to smile, but it's all I had of them together for the day. I can't do a birthday post without my boys!

Thanks everyone for not letting me forget my birthday and making it so special! I also appreciate the emails and cards, thoughtful homemade gifts from my kids, and the beautiful homemade card from Mom B. What a great day!

Today also marks our 2 year Gotcha Day Anniversary (best b-day ever!). We've had our girls now for 2 years. It's hard to put into words how much they've added to our lives. It seems like just yesterday they were placed (actually walked) into our arms, yet it feels like they've been with us forever. I couldn't imagine life without them. They've bonded and adjusted so well, they've completed our family and blessed our lives as we have blessed theirs. They are such a joy- we love you Sophie & Sage!

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth...

Do we really have to leave? Can't wait to post the good, the fun, and the unexpected (not so good), but time to unpack and get some shuteye.