Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beating the Heat & New Job


It's been awful hot around here, so after lunch we headed to the fountains (I can't complain, I'd take this anyday above frigid cold weather)




We forgot Sage's swimsuit (came here straight from her app.) oh well, she dried quickly :)


The Grand Finale, to music and all, very fun!


There's nothing better then cool water on a hot day. I've noticed that most all of my summer posts have been around water- lakes, pools, fountains, and even bathtubs, the kids love it. Only a few more weeks until school starts, hope everyone's having a great summer!

It will be a week when I blog again (S & S 3 year Gotcha Day, my best b-day ever :), I'm training for my new Design Job. Should be a great job for me since my children will be in school full day now, first grade for the girls, wow. I'm excited, it's a great company, one I've had my eye on for awhile. I'll post more later, I have a lot to study.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sage, a trooper...


At Primary Children's Hospital Sage is waiting for her shot, scared but brave


2 viles of blood later. She was tough and didn't shed a tear, she just held my hand extra tight while sitting on my lap. The nurse was more then impressed, and very glad she got Sage as a patient instead of the loud kid in the next room.
She deserved a special treat afterwards in the cafeteria, went right for the chocolate doughnut with sprinkles.


Meeting up with the rest of the gang for lunch, Sage's choice


Sophie missed her sis! Time for the fountains.

Never too young

Sophie and Sage wanted to try everything their brothers were doing...

2009-07-19 Flaming Gorge

So they did the rope swing, yikes.

I had to try it first, fun but scary.


And they water skied!! Sophie above, Sage below


Wow! Such strength & coordination, our brave girls.

Camping was oodles of fun, getting away from civilization for awhile, being outdoors in the mountains next to this beautiful lake. The girls were so excited to sleep in a tent and eat around a campfire, and the boys couldn't wait to get out on the water- wakeboarding, ropeswing, rock climbing, and exploring the lake. A bonus for me was flushing toilets and running drinking water a few feet away, we'll be back to this hideout for sure :).

Here's our yummy dinner menu, my friend asked what we eat while we're camping...

Dutch Oven Chicken & veggies w/ Dutch oven cherry chocolate cake for dessert (let me know if anyone wants the recipe)
Tin-foil dinners- meatballs & veggies (they each made their own at home just how they like it)
and Roasted hot dogs & S'mores, simple for the last night

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to get wet!

Flaming Gorge

Waking up to this exquisite view each day

Paul cutting

He's still got it! Even w/out his brace:)


Boys having a blast! Trevor on swing, it's scarier then it looks


Won't believe what they tried...

Saturday, July 18, 2009



Conked out after a busy day of playing. They sat down to watch a little TV while dinner was cooking, with Trevor to protect them from potential scary parts, and the next thing you know all three of them were out like a light. I had to get a picture, just don't tell Trevor I posted it :)

The second biggest compliment I get when I'm out (you could probably guess the first) is how good my boys are with their sisters. It's good to hear, and I have to agree, they think the world of Sophie and Sage. They help teach them, play with them, ya, sometimes playfully tease them, but mainly enjoy them and are the first to protect them. The girls are often Trevor's little shadow, and he is so patient and proud of his sisters. Josh is always there to help and teach them, and they can get a smile from Nick when no one else can, he is loving and patient with them. They love their brothers. Thank you boys, way to make a mom smile!

w D & L-1

Another nice compliment is having some dear friends- Danny & Lindsay, stop by for a surprise visit this morning. We know their short trips back home are jam packed with family and friends that want to see them and they always try to set aside time to see us and the girls, so nice and always great to see them. The girls were almost speechless when they opened the door to see D & L standing there :). It was great spending the morning with you guys and your cute sisters, it made our day! Have a safe trip back.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Summer Days...


Day at Yuba, our first time skiing this summer. We had a great time, once we got our boat battery re-charged, dang thing, it's brand new (at least we didn't get stranded). We all got up on the slalem first try, yahoo! we lucked out with water that was almost glass. This was Paul's first time skiing since he blew his knee, I was nervous for him but he was determined. He wore his brace, took it easy, and did great. Phew. The girls were all giggles and smiles on the tube, even when they got drenched and sprayed in the face. Lots of fun, but man do I feel it today. It's been awhile since I've used those muscles, see that jump? I must do it again soon :).


A fun BBQ, swimming & FHE with friends. I was good to snatch a few pics, but only got these five. After some wild and fun time in the pool, the ladies took on the boys at volleyball. Go Girls! Nick was the pro at Mad Gab (LDS version), although he helped everyone else win with his authentic accent, he had us cracking up, and the kids thought we were speaking French or something. The girls and Zach went inside to decorate their bird house, and came out with their face and legs decorated as well, hmm... such good artists. Their cute twins (age 2) loved Shadow, sometimes a little too much :) but they loved the pool the most. We ended the day around the firepit making S'mores and being entertained by Nick & Josh on the guitar, sweet. Good friends, yummy food, and great times!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Red, White, and Blue

Breakfast & Parade

Breakfast at our neighborhood park, the girls had fun seeing friends, decorating their bikes and riding in the parade. All the kids were so cute and happy with their decorated bikes and cars! Paul joined us until he had to leave for work. After finishing a few chores at home, we spent the afternoon at the pool with our neighbors (friends), then met Paul for dinner and off to see fireworks at Thanksgiving Point. It was a beautiful night and a nice celebration with family & friends. It seemed more significant this year... with the turmoil our nation is facing. God bless our country, we can't take anything for granted.

Red, White, and Blue

Independence Day

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


You only turn 11 once!

Football toss

Enjoying their Creamies, poolside. The girls are Trevor's biggest fans.

Just what he wanted- Bakugan, FB... & Wii Fit from mom & dad. Thanks everyone!

Cooling off. They enjoyed the balloon toss, under water limbo, volleyball, tramp, bubble gum contest- anything to do with water and fun.

End with a bang!

Happy Birthday Trevor,
T- is for Terrific, you are a terrific son, brother, and friend! Sorry, I can't say "tidy", I've been in your room lately.
R- is for "rascal", because you are funny. Witty with a good sense of humor, you make people laugh and are sometimes mischievous.
E- is for "everyone" because everyone likes Trevor.
V- is for "vivacious" because you are lively and spirited with a passion for life.
O- is for "outstanding" because you are talented in many areas and you give things your all.
R- is for "real" because there is nothing fake about you. You are genuine and true.
I'm so glad you're my son, you add so much to our family, Love you tons Trevor!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I Faces


Sage~ left, Sophie~ right


God bless America! Happy Independance Day.

click on link for other cute patriotic pics

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Afternoon at the lake...


Finally getting the boat out this summer due to a rainy June. The weather was perfect, the kids had a ball, and we enjoyed the beautiful lake nestled in the mountains. It's hard to believe our summer is 1/3 over, hope everyone's having a great summer!