Thursday, August 30, 2007

China adoption group summer BBQ

Remember this from last year. Here we are a year later,
Sophie and Sage have grown soo much.

It was great getting together with this fun group again. Thanks Mr. Hatfield for sharing your awesome backyard park, you've created a childrens utopia! They enjoyed the Tepee, Cabin w/ slide, Wading Pool, and especially the Castle with the guard tower that overlooks the lake & valley. Wish I had more pictures of the group... I put my camera away after this, needed both hands :) Fabulous time!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let's go "Boat Swimming"

S & S call this boat swimming...
Sage in flower suit, Sophie in blue

Sophie cracking up

Trevor cruising the shoreline

Nick & Josh

Sage building her castle

Notice the birds posing just like my boys, LOL

A great day at the beach!

Beautiful Bear Lake. The girls ask to go "boat swimming" almost every day- they love it! They all had a good time at the beach and skiing, while I enjoyed the bed at the condo- strep throat- yuck. They took very good care of me and let me rest. Thanks hon for taking over and for the great pics. Such a pretty aqua colored lake.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer Break almost over

Man, you turn 40 and have no time to blog LOL. No, I haven't slowed down- "August" just happened. What an eventful month it's been... 2 birthdays in the family, Family Reunion, Josh starting tackle football (yikes), Nick getting his learners permit (frightening;), last "official" boating trip, and Sophie and Sage enjoying every bit of it.

It's been a wonderful summer and the girls have made it that much better! It has been thrilling to give them opportunities and watch them learn and grow. Tomorrow marks the year of our referral date for our girls. I'll never forget the day...
"We celebrated with family and friends and everyone was so happy for us. The next day, after sharing the news at work (school), it hit me on my way home, and I couldn't hold back the tears of joy. I am so grateful!!!"

They have truly been a blessing...

Josh's surprise party...

What a fun kid!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Limbo, Hula, & Musical Chairs...

Here we are, a bunch of grown adults playing kids games and having a ball...

How low can you go?

Musical Chairs has never been so funny...

Of course, the Hula Hoop Contest...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

40th Birthday Luau

To celebrate me getting old, we had a backyard Luau (keeping me young ;). There was a charming group of 25. We had a delightful time with good music, great food, and fun games. Even some Hula lessons.

Invitation Poem...

They say that 40 is fabulous, so she really shouldn’t feel old
To reinsure, come join Dianne, and put this date on hold
Coconut is white, and Kiwi is green
Come do the hula and limbo like a queen.
Wear your Hawaiian shirts or hula skirts and we'll provide the leis.
Look your best in island clothes and win a little prize, who knows,
but keep your eyes upon the clock so that you'll not be late
to see Dianne turn 40, as she accepts her fate.

Food will be served this night, so please keep this in mind.
No need to bring a gift, just your presence will be fine,
but if your one for funny gifts, bring one for good measure
for us to laugh as Dianne cries will be our greatest pleasure.
Kindly find a sitter, if you can’t, we’ll enjoy the litter.

It’s a Hawaiian Luau celebrating Dianne’s 40th Birthday.
Friday, August 10 @ 6:00 p.m.
Paul & Dianne’s Home, poolside-
Dress in your Luau best, and bring a beach chair to rest
Bring your suit if you dare, for nighttime swimming, no one will stare

Man, I must be loved. What a fun party, everyone had a great time. I was told by many how nice my friends are. They are the best! Thanks a lot for the Centrum Silver, Pain Reliever, and Energy drink Karma & Joyce- it might come in handy, and for the denture adhesive and laxative tablets mom, someday I won't be laughing at this :) A party I'll never forget. Thanks everyone who came and joined in celebrating my 40th B-day!! You made it very special and a fun celebration!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy one year anniversary...

Happy Gotcha Day!

Thrilled to have there own candle on their cake

I'll never forget the day, one year ago from now. The best birthday ever. The day we held, hugged, and comforted our little girls for the first time. Although we were happy before, life is even better now. Sophie and Sage have made our family complete. The time has gone by fast, but I can't imagine our family without them.
S & S have been such a joy! We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing their giggles and seeing their face light up with each new experience. They love deeply and have bonded tight. When I go to put them down after holding them, they hold on as tight as they can and sweetly say "I'm not done!" They love their big brothers and have marvelous times with them.

Yes, they are curious, playful, active little girls that like to climb on anything that looks interesting, can you blame them? Because they have each other, they've held on to their Cantonese language a little longer. They speak mainly English now, with a touch of Cantonese, and probably some twin language mixed in. That doesn't stop them from communicating, if they don't know the right words, they will pantomime to get their point across (so cute). They have also overcome many fears and have learned to trust. ~they will never be left again

These girls are survivors! I will never know about their first 3 years of life, but they definitely know how to love and are very confidant, happy, playful girls.

So today marks my 40th Birthday- ouch! It came quick. My children make turning 40 fine and S & S keep me young, and some days wear me out, I mean keep me in shape :) I love you Sophie and Sage!!

Grandma and Sage
Sophie and Grandpa

Playing jacks with mom