Monday, December 08, 2014


I promised the girls I would blog about our Cancun trip, a trip we will never forget.

We chose Cancun as our summer destination this last summer.  I was originally planning a trip back east to take the family to Hill Cumorah Pageant and Niagara Falls, but it was pretty booked by the time I got to it, and this Cancun trip ended up being less expensive and fabulous.


Beautiful view from our window.  We stayed in a Villa at the Westin Lagunamar.  I spent some time researching and asking friends about nice places to stay.  I would definitely stay here again, especially if you have more then 4 people.  We didn’t do the all inclusive since we would’ve had to get two rooms, and we had excursions almost every day, which usually included meals.  


First day in Cancun, exploring the grounds.  Can’t wait to get in the water.


Time for a siesta, flying to Mexico is exhausting. Sure love these guys!


Ready for a midnight swim?  Ha, ha- curly humid hair.


Just close the door for a little privacy.  I liked the European style of room.


Reading the rest of Elizabeth Smart book (towards the end of our trip).  I paraphrased some of the book to the kids, such a terrible thing that happened to her and she remained so strong!  Our new hero!


Me and my best boys!  My babe and my youngest boy, can’t believe how tall he’s gotten! 


Perfect beachside lounging, doesn’t get much better then that!


Enjoying the sunset from our room




We were lucky to see the USA Soccer team at the Texas airport as we were leaving, they were heading to a tournament in Mexico.  They signed our girls ball and posed for a picture.  My girls were thrilled!! Soccer girls stick together!


Beautiful sunset from the plane.  Bye for now Cancun, we’ll be back! 

Excursion posts to come.