Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beautiful Flaming Gorge


since I didn’t find time to post this boating trip last July, now is better then never, can’t wait for summer!



DSC_0901DSC_0109DSC_0023DSC_0216 1

favorite summer pastime- slalom, knee board, wakeboard, anything in the water!



The girls liked staying dry on the lake


No such luck for Bruno


Fun spot!


DSC_0242 1


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wind Sock…


Working on their monthly book report, this month a Wind Sock.  Not due until Friday, but no procrastinating with these two.


Squeals when I brought out my Prismacolor Pencil Set I used back in Design School, surprised they weren’t all dried out.


Sage put her picture in the window to trace, adding every detail. 


Sophie carefully drew a dog for her book “The First Day Jitters” (funny book)


I love you like Crazy Cakes girls!!!  Sophie was done and off playing already.

Some things I really like about their school are monthly book reports w/ projects and different genres, monthly poems they memorize and recite, &  challenging spelling tests each week, custom to their level.  It’s a lot of homework with daily math and reading, but luckily they want to get it done first thing after school, even starting, and often finishing, in the car :).   I asked Sage today what she enjoys learning at school, she said “learning about planets.”  cute 

Do you like our new craft / homework area?  Out with the dust collecting large weight set, in with the homework nook (thanks hon!).  BTW, Paul has been doing P90X lately and is in such good shape!   Lost about 40 lbs, he feels better and looks great!  Post later on that.  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy’s Day


The Leprechaun stopped by today while the kids were at school, made a mess of things

DSC_5376at least he left some green treasures



Then our traditional Green dinner…  Basil Pasta, Green Salad, Parsley Baguette, Lime Ade, with Lime Sherbet for dessert.  There’s something about green food coloring in food that turns them, and me off, but they did have green milk for their breakfast this morning.  Meal was a hit, next year I’ll have to add a green jell-o.  What are you serving?  


When Sophie walked in the door and saw the mess & surprise, she asked with a smile “was it really you?”,  I didn’t reply so she just went with it.  And cute when Sage gave me her green silly band this morning, right off her wrist for mom, since I was in my non green PJ’s :).

Happy St. Patricks Day!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend on campus

 Beautiful Rexburg temple above campusDSC_0037


We needed sunglasses!  Isn’t my dad the cutest Grandpa?


Silly boys


We spent a delightful weekend at Nick’s University (our alma mater), ordaining him an Elder as he prepares for his mission and finishes up his first year of college, one more month to go!  It was great spending time with him, seeing him at school, meeting his friends & neat bishop (he  had wonderful things to say about Nick and said he will really miss him).  My dad was able to join us, such a supportive Grandpa.  We dined and enjoyed the company, the ordination was powerful and touching (thanks Paul) and they invited us to attend their student ward (church meeting) afterwards.  That was a treat and brought back many memories of my three years there.  It seems like yesterday I was eating in the cafeteria, working on my big design project (always had a big design project due), studying like crazy while  going to dances, games, movie night with Pauly and my roommates.  Such fun memories… Although I loved it then, I’m more aware of the great spirit of this place now that I’m older, it will always be a special place and I’m so glad Nick is spending his first year here. 

They invited Trevor (12), our deacon, to help pass the sacrament.  So cute seeing him pass with the college students, he thought it was awesome.  You could’ve heard a pin drop in that meeting (I’m used to family wards), I was just hoping the girls would sit through it reverently, we didn’t have any books or quiet things we usually have for them, and sitting for an hour (or three) in church isn’t their favorite thing.  They did pretty good, the girls behind us adored them and told us how cute they were, one said- energetic but loveable, that about summed it up.  Everyone there was very welcoming and  accommodating.  See you soon Nick, I mean Elder B.!  Congrats!  

One of Nick’s best friend received his mission call to Japan, luckily he’s still  in the MTC learning the language preparing to go, he’ll have his work cut out for him.  Our prayers pour out to those in Japan!  His other great friend is off to Russia.  So neat to see these fine boys grow up and be strong young men!













Their favorite part, besides seeing Nick.  Nice posture Sage :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prom Day- Josh




Aren’t they stunning?





Well done guys! (first prom)



Our evening wasn’t quite as glamorous, but fun seeing Tangled, in 3D this time.

Have fun at Prom Josh & Spencer!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Waking up to this




So much for Spring weather, but this was stunning driving through it this morning, I had to grab my purse camera (sooc) to capture the blanket of snow throughout. The snow was dense and heavy, sad to see it toppled over some very old trees, but it was beautiful, driving through a snow tunnel.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Things that make me smile…

Clear sky’s and Spring weather- nice to get the kids out and enjoy the park, backyard, outdoor sports. Can’t wait to wake up our yard!

Pandora- listening to my favorite music- some Nora Jones for relaxing at home or cooking, Rachel Portman or Enya before my design appointments, Lifehouse to get get chores done, Josh Groban or Michael Buble for hanging out with my honey, and Disney for fun times with my kids.

American Idol- I’m not a big TV watcher, but I ♥ AI. My top six are Paul, Casey, & Stefano for the boys, and Thea, Pia, & Haley for the girls. There are some good one’s this year and the judges are great, Robby should’ve got the wild card last week though.

My honey’s Turkey Burgers on the grill. The little things he does all the time like- making extra eggs in the morning while I’m getting the kids off, he’ll walk in with a yummy breakfast plate for me. And how he starts the first load of laundry after our weekly “clothes separating party”, knowing what a big chore it is. I could go on… Thanks baby!

Hunger Games, can’t put it down.

Love notes. Sophie and Sage like to surprise me with sweet notes like this one from Sage…

“Dear Mom, Thank for being so nice. I like you. You are the best mom ever. You are very sweet. Thank for let us go fun place and play with us. You are awesome (she spelled it right!). Also you are a good mom. XOXOXO Love Sage”

makes my day


My job, ♥ it! Of course there are times it doesn’t make me smile, but it’s usually very rewarding. I enjoy what I do, helping my clients,and using my degree while my kiddos are at school.

The good group of kids my teenagers hang out with



“your answer is somewhere in my heart, think you can find it?” guess who’s going to Prom?

And getting to know wonderful people through blogging, it’s great staying in touch, wish I had time to comment more regularly.

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Ni Hao Yall

What makes you smile?