Friday, February 19, 2010

Be Mine!



View Sage's Valentine Party

Josh ready for his Jr. High dance

A sneaky secret admirer gave our front porch a “heart attack”. Filled with paper hearts and a box of 7 yummy frosted cookies, so sweet! I must have teenage boys in the house. The give away was the heart taped on the cookies that said- “text me”. Had to be Morgan... Thanks cutie, Josh loved it and we all enjoyed the cookies.


Nick and Alexis, ready for Sweethearts Ball. Aren't they cute? She just arrived and Nick gave her the corsage. Then leave it to little sisters, right before I took their picture Sophie curiously asked "are you getting married?" Made her brother blush. A good laugh on their way to the dance, gotta love little sisters.

Their group had a fun filled day- bowling, ice-cream parlor, home to dress up for the Ball, dancing, then movie afterwards at one of the homes, most of the group were on the swim team. Fun times, good kids.


These are to die for, especially the coconut and dark chocolate ones. Thanks for a great Valentines sweetie!

Hope everyone had a fun-filled Valentines!

Monday, February 15, 2010

One invitation, two girls…

At the beginning of the school year, being in separate classes, I tried to prepare the girls for the time that only one of them would be invited to a B-day party, also a heads up for separate field trips, activities, class parties, etc. Up until now, we’ve lucked out and they’ve both been invited together, they have many of the same friends. Unfortunately, Sage was the one getting the mail the other day and came running to me asking where hers was. She handed me the invitation addressed to Sophie… after a few tears and me reminding her that this would happen, and sometimes it will happen the other way around, she sadly asked Sophie if she could bring her home a piece of cake. So some quick thinking and a plan B for Sage...

The next best thing to a birthday party is a play date with one of your BFF's.



Sophie had a blast at the party, and Sage wasn't a bit sad when we dropped Sophie off. She had a great time with Aspen making cookies, jumping on the tramp, and playing Basketball- all smiles! Sophie brought home a balloon for her sis and they shared the good times they had. A good plan that I’m sure to use in the future.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Josh- 9th Grade…

“Way Out West in a Dress”


Chloe, Josh, & Caleb

Josh just finished performing in his school musical, he had a great time. It was witty and entertaining, with a nice plot. About a fortune left in a will from a long lost relative, they thought it was the saloon, but it ended up being the salon next door. So Josh & Caleb secretly became hair dressers to save their fortune, it was a riot. Josh makes us laugh and he’s a natural on stage, although he couldn’t help but chuckle the first time he came out in a dress. His French female accent was a hit. The whole cast did great! Thanks Chloe for talking Josh into trying out, now I have a few blackmail pics ;). Maybe some acting in his future?


He put a lot into his Science Project and got the purple ticket. Winner! He moves on to District next week. Maybe science in his future, maybe photography?


...another reason he is loving 9th grade. Many of my friends were talking about these two cuties. Josh knows he can’t date for awhile, but they spend enough time texting to make up for it. They had fun at the School Valentines Dance yesterday, but am I ready for this??

She’s very sweet (I remember her from when I was teaching, great girl) good kids!

Josh's favorite classes are Chinese, Theater, Guitar, & PE, he's also taking some honors classes, it's not all fun & games. Great grades, Sports, good friends, & fun big brother- he's enjoying life and a joy to raise. He's having a much better year this year then last. Love ya Josh!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the air...


Sophie left, Sage right


Nick got asked to Sweethearts Ball- tomorrow night ♥


A homemade gift. Thanks Emilee, it's darling and looks great in my kitchen! so sweet.


S & S made cookies in their easy bake oven (really a convection oven:)


Cookies anyone? The best chocolate chip cookies ever ;)

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Las Vegas Baby

We planned a little escape during the curse of January (inversion). Headed south to enjoy some nice weather and clear skies for a long weekend. I packed "blinders" for the boys (not really), some good books, swim suits, light jackets, and pretended we were off to Hawaii :). The kids counted down the days, they were so excited.


There's nothing like swimming in January. The Lazy River was chilly since it's flowing, but the kids didn't mind, the pool was nice and warm and the hot tub was heavenly (it's huge for a hottub, goes around an island of palm trees).



We were passing by and had to stop, Sage was kind enough to pose with the restaurant named after her- lol

In the Room


The year of the Tiger. We went to a quaint Chinese New Year Celebration at a nearby library, had I known, I would've brought their Chiongsam dresses. It was neat hearing many of the young Asian children speaking fluent Mandarin and English. I think the girls will get their Cantonese back quickly with some lessons, once they fully conquer English. They are reading so well lately! They've come a long way this year.

Bowling in Vegas

Bowling at SouthPoint, yup, we go to LV and bowl. SouthPoint is a fun family place in Vegas, for a casino/hotel anyway, it has a nice bowling alley, arcade, IMAX movie theater, good buffet and an indoor equestrian center.

Sophie won! the bumpers helped, but she did good. It was cute watching them bowl. After each time they rolled the ball, they stood still and watched it to the very end, then after a cheer or little "ohhh" they happily ran or skipped back to their seats, or someones lap.

There's so much to do and see here without spending a lot of money, just remember the blinders :).


Sophie checking out the ice pillar

As a designer, I enjoy the unique architecture and interesting designs around LV. Although it's not old and authentic, it's new, original, and neat!


The kids liked riding the tram one night to some large hotels and some malls on the strip

Paul & I- lol

On our last night, Paul and I had some nice "us time," while the kids enjoyed the game room at the resort and a good movie. Taking a stroll seeing the fountains at Ballagio (one of our songs was playing) and the ships at TI before heading over to the Venetian (beautiful hotel) to see "The Phantom of the Operah". It was awesome. The theatre, singing, acting, and special effects were sweet! It's worth the trip just for that. Thanks hon for a great romantic evening ♥

Next time we might take the kids to see the live show "The Lion King", heard it is fabulous. Has anyone seen it? The boys enjoyed the "Tournament of Kings" dinner show when they were younger, that's still going on at Excalibur.

It was nice coming home to clear skies, the smog has lifted. After getting home I started getting sick again and ended up with Bronchitis, down for a few days. I'm feeling much better now, hope Paul doesn't get it.

I didn't take my large Nikon, pictures are from my new Sony purse camera my sweety gave me for Christmas. Not bad for a small camera,♥ it!