Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Stroll...

Sophie in blue, Sage in pink

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just what the doctor ordered...

After a week of sickness and long work hours, this was just what we needed. Nick (poor kid) wasn't feeling 100% yet, so he relaxed in the boat. The rest of us were feeling much better. First, Trevor got up on ski's- first time ever. I was so proud of him! He got scared a few years back and didn't want to ski again (must let go of the rope:). He improved by leaps and bounds today and was so pleased with himself. Then, Josh was so used to skiing, it took him awhile to get up on the wakeboard, but he didn't give up. He was determined and kept at it until he figured it out. After that, he got up easily each time and learned quickly how to turn once your up, way different then slalom skiing. Way to go boys!

Bummer, the battery on my camera died after wakeboarding, so I didn't get many pics of Sophie and Sage. They cheered their brothers on and had fun riding in the tube with Josh, wish I could share those smiles. They didn't like the water splashing their face, but no complaints. Then they enjoyed jumping off the dock & playing at the beach. They made large sand pyramids with motes- which they were very proud of- asking me to protect their pyramid while they got more water for the mote ;). Fun day at the lake!

Friday, July 27, 2007

FFFF Cheesy Grins...

Sophie & Sage proudly wearing their 2008 Beijing Olympic T's

Sage is the epitome of cheesy grins lately, here are some of my favorites

The blue swim suit pic & the dance picture are of Sophie, they can both be hams! They have contagious smiles and they keep us laughing :)

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Check out my new dinette set!

We'll have some great meals on the wakeboard, don't you think? :).
We've been shopping around for a nice wood dining room table & chairs to replace the out of style one we bought in our last home (liked it then). We got nervous when we saw the girls... while cutting paper, trying to cut the edge of our table, so we decided to hold off awhile longer and keep our kid friendly, ugly dinette set for now. I must accessorize! So wakeboard it is.

Yahoo boys, here it is! They are excited to break in their new board, hope they get up- the girls love riding in the tube, but won't be long before they're jumping the wake also.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We share everything...

Sure, we share... We have successfully shared this nasty flu bug with everyone in the family. I claim to be the last one and hope it doesn't make the rounds again, I guess we must all take our turn. Sweet Sophie and Sage are taking good care of me though, feeding me pretzels in bed and getting me children's grape flavor Tylenol. I love how Sage wispers to me and closes my bedroom door so I can get some quiet rest and how Sophie keeps giving me the tylenol bottle so I can get better fast. After all, life is no fun when mom is sick and that's how mom took care of them (without the pretzels):). What good little care takers they are, it's great to see how fast they learn and how nurturing they can be.

S & S feeling much better

The boys have been very helpful and I can't thank my mom enough for the great chicken dinner she brought over tonight. (she just happened to call me today) especially because Paul has burned all week (worked early & late, partner on vacation) Send healthy wishes our way so we can enjoy a well earned day off tomorrow with dad

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our first Sparklers

Celebrating Pioneer Day

The girls first parade, they loved it! Luckily Trevor was their to show them the ropes, who to wave too to get candy and water. S & S liked the horses and the bands the best, Trevor liked the police formations on motorcycles, especially the cool one riding his bike like a surfboard :). At the carnival they enjoyed the fish pond, spin art, and the baseball throw- killer arm! Thanks Trevor for hanging out and helping your sisters.

They sat very still for the face painting, if only they would do that when I do their hair :)
Sage liked her butterfly
Sophie went for a simple red heart
Proud of their fancy bird puppets

Our city put on a great show for pioneer day. Breakfast in the park, Parade, City Idol, Kids area, Good food & Fireworks- fun for all ages. I was impressed with the cold drinking water stations they had throughout (hot day), and clean bathroom/wash stations set up all over. Well done, we had a good time.
I'm very thankful for the Pioneers who sacrificed so much for us. Nick got a small taste of this last month as he went on a Youth Trek trip with our church. He traveled on the trails pulling handcarts in the heat for 4 days. Tough on the kids, but they did well and it sure helped them appreciate what the pioneers went through and how truly blessed we are :)
We were happy to see Nick & Josh when we got home. They've been at scout camp for the week, the girls asked about them every day.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Keeping my ducks (and geese) in a row...

Sophie, Sage, and Trev had a great time feeding the ducks and geese. It was nice to get out today- poor Sophie has been sick, and this evening Sage got it- vomiting with fever. After all, they share everything:) It's just a 24 hour deal, thank goodness. I'm so glad I'm able to comfort and help them, I hate to think about them being sick without comforts of home and mom to care for them. They are definately tough girls.

Lately, I've been trying to make sure all my ducks are in a row, making sure all is well with my family. Things can get pretty crazy at times. Just like the mother duck we saw today, watching over her ducklings, giving them enough freedom but staying close by. Scaring away everything that tries to come too close that can harm her babies. Supporting and encouraging each of them along with the healthy sacrifices involved in belonging to a rather large family. I know my ducks aren't always in a row, but there is a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when I stay on top of things and do my best as a mother and wife and all is well in the home. There are no better rewards for a mother then happy, healthy, secure, and loving children. Of course, it's a work in progress, but my family give me so much joy!

We had our 12 mth post placement appointment yesterday, time has flown! It's nice to have that over with and everything complete. We've enjoyed working with Anne, she was wonderful. The girls really liked her and she was very impressed with Sophie and Sage. She noticed how happy and smart and beautiful they are. Sophie and Sage enjoyed teasing her- they said they were 5 years old when she asked and the color Red was Blue (big grins on face) What turkeys, they are so much fun!

Monday, July 16, 2007

We Did It!!

Yes, it was scary! Look at all these people in between us and mom & dad...

But we were brave...

And we did it! Click on collage to enlarge

Mom and Dad were so proud of us. They were so far away, but we joined in, found our mark, and even danced!! The scariest part was when they left us in line, but we kept an eye on them and had many friends around to protect and comfort us. No smiles, this was serious stuff, and we were adamant about staying on our mark (left, center pic), but we felt so good for dancing, especially when it was over. We're taking a break for the rest of the summer, but we'll dance some more this Fall, it's very fun! Hugs and Kisses to Grandma D. & B., Uncle Mike, Aunt Cyrena, Uncle Tom, & Jade for coming to see our first dance performance. We know it wasn't cheap to get in (mom said). Thanks for supporting us!

Then we got to relax and enjoy the rest of the day at Raging Waters- big smiles now! We had a blast! We especially liked riding the waves in the large wave pool and floating down the Lazy River. Mom was surprised when we went head first down the orange slide (camera was put away by them). We enjoyed watching our brothers go down the big slides. Very fun day!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Football, Scout Camp, and finally... Dance Class (Girl Stuff!)

Sage (new half smile while winking) ready for her first dress rehearsal. They're performing at Raging Water's this week-end and wear their swimsuit under their dance costume (explains the outfit).
Like the "dancers do"- slicked back in a bun? First time I've done it, even without attending the hair clinic class they offered (can't believe all that's involved in a little dance class :). Anyway, it looked adorable and nobody would guess that less then a year ago they had the stylish shaved orphanage hairdo.

Preview of their dance getup

Sophie (left) and Sage with their fun and helpful dance partner. S and S are the smallest ones in the class and the older girls are so helpful and cute with them. They still get nervous, but they join in and run back to me every chance they get. Wish us luck, hope they dance this Saturday and don't get too scared (they have made sure I am in full sight throughout their practices so this might be interesting if they can't see me at the performance)

No frills here, what boy wouldn't want to hang out with their buddies in the mountains? I chaperoned Trevor and his den to Scout Day Camp this week. They had a great time and man, did they get dirty (Trevor second from left)

Go Trev!

Go white! Josh #15

S & S quietly watching the game... Ya Right-- too busy having fun with Kirk and Trevor. Good thing they brought their backpacks, you never know when you might need something :)

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