Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We share everything...

Sure, we share... We have successfully shared this nasty flu bug with everyone in the family. I claim to be the last one and hope it doesn't make the rounds again, I guess we must all take our turn. Sweet Sophie and Sage are taking good care of me though, feeding me pretzels in bed and getting me children's grape flavor Tylenol. I love how Sage wispers to me and closes my bedroom door so I can get some quiet rest and how Sophie keeps giving me the tylenol bottle so I can get better fast. After all, life is no fun when mom is sick and that's how mom took care of them (without the pretzels):). What good little care takers they are, it's great to see how fast they learn and how nurturing they can be.

S & S feeling much better

The boys have been very helpful and I can't thank my mom enough for the great chicken dinner she brought over tonight. (she just happened to call me today) especially because Paul has burned all week (worked early & late, partner on vacation) Send healthy wishes our way so we can enjoy a well earned day off tomorrow with dad

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Anonymous said...

I hate it when everyone gets the flu! Devin's parents have both had the flu recently, I know I'm next because I am home all day long with them! It is great to have someone to take care of you!