Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jeepers, Creepers

Where'd you get those peepers

Jeepers Creepers

Where'd you get those eyes?
my dad used to sing this fun song when I was about their age

The kindergarten year end program was soo cute. They entertained us well by singing all the songs they learned throughout the year, featuring Mr. Matt at the guitar. They had us all laughing with those funky glasses, it was darling. I couldn't resist Sophie's huge smile each time she glanced my way, and Sage singing so well, making a mom proud.

They're going to miss kindergarten, their friends, and Mr. Matt tons!

The hallway looked like a jungle- Sophie helped make the huge elephant,
Sage was on wolf duty

It's the first thing they put on in the morning

Nice shades!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sweet Sixth B-day!



Red Rover, Red Rover


Send Sage right over


Let the show begin, magician with his lovely b-day assistants


Abracadabra! Sophie



Never ending smiles! The kids giggled and laughed through the whole magic show, he was so funny and entertaining. It's been awhile since I've laughed so much, the adults & teens liked it as much as the kids :)



Magical wand & balloon animals for everyone!


We "heart" you cakes


Cute little sister, enjoying her cupcake


presents galore, loved by many


"Thank you mom & dad for the magical b-day!" Sage


"We love you!" Sophie
Sweet sixth B-Day for our sweet girls!

Thanks everyone who celebrated the girls special day with them.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week at a Glance... Birthday wishes

Wish I had more time to blog, but family first right. So, here's a quick update of our wild but fun week...


First of all- Sophie & Sage turned 6 last Monday.

We celebrated with family & Grandparents at a Sunday BBQ w/ Grandma & Uncle Mike and the week before celebrating monthly B-days at my mom's (on Mothers Day). They were thrilled to celebrate with cousins, Grandparents & Mom's.

It also marks 1 year since Paul's motorcycle accident (tore the ligaments & meniscus in his knee, ouch). He's come a long way and has healed fairly well, but it still gives out every once in awhile and he can't do many of the sports & recreating he enjoys, surgery may be in the future. It could've been a lot worse and he's handled it well, what a trooper!

Monday morning S & S woke up bright and early, so excited to finally be 6. They chose pancakes for breakfast and wanted a jacuzzi bubble bath before school. We had their favorite Chicken Enchilada's for dinner and a game night for FHE, Sophie & Sage style- Red Rover Red Rover, Simon Says, then ended with a fun round of Croquette. It was a special day, they've almost been home as long as they've been in the orphanage.

this is what happens when you mix bubble bath with a jacuzzi

Tuesday, Sage gave her last report of the year on Monkeys, Sophie's is next week. They've been studying animals all month and she chose to report on Monkey's, yup, she's my little monkey (both are) that loves to climb, my little acrobats :). She gets better every time and had fun explaining to her class all she knew about monkeys, she even faced the audience this time and spoke loud & clear. She chose "G man" to hold her microphone so she could use both hands, soo cute!

"any questions?"

That night I got a sneak peak of Nick & Josh's Broadway Kidz performance while it was my turn for cast care during rehearsal. I can't wait to see the show, there are so many talented kids around here and the directors are great!

Wednesday I coached the girls soccer game. Their coaches were out of town so they asked me to fill in. The kids were so cute and most of them played their hearts out. Unfortunately, we had our first loss. But half our team was out of town and the team we played had much bigger kids (not that we can't handle that :). But they had fun and I enjoyed coaching. Sophie and Sage thought it was the coolest to have mom as their coach, maybe I'll coach them next year and change my track record :).


Sophie scored, love that smile!

Thursday I chaperoned Sophie & Sage's Kindergarten class to the Zoo. It was great seeing the girls with their school friends, it's such a fun class. My group of 5 had to research the Monkey so they did the Howler, and acted like monkeys, then lunch in the Pavillion.

Hurry so we don't miss the bus

straight to the back of the bus

And finally, Friday the girls had their magical birthday party- post coming. It was a big hit!

The bummer this week was a headache that lasted most of the week. I hardly ever get migrains, maybe two in my life that didn't last long, but not this one (must be from lack of sleep). I hope I wasn't a bear, I think I hid it well, but it wasn't a good week for a migrain. I feel much better now, Yae! Thanks mom & MIL for generously offering to help, it meant a lot. Next time I'll take you up on it, well, hopefully there won't be a next time. And thanks Mom B. for taking me to a relaxing lunch at our new favorite spot, very yummy.
Enjoy your Memorial Day week-end!

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Mean People"...

Tonight while I put the girls down Sage told me she was scared, then Sophie said the same thing. I wondered if they saw something on TV or heard something that scared them. As we chatted, they said they were scared of the mean people from China. I asked what they meant, this is the first time they've said anything like this, they said their neighbor friend who they've started playing with lately told them the mean people from China might come and hurt them. What? I'm not one to overreact, but this is upsetting! I clearly don't know the content or how it came up, so I'm trying not to judge harshly, but I'll definitely get to the bottom of it.

We have always been up front and open with the questions they have about China and their adoption. We've kept it very positive, just like it is. We have told them age appropriate things, adding more detail as they get older. After the initial shock the girls went through (at age 3) as they left the only home they knew in the orphanage and came to perfect strangers (I sent them pictures to help prepare them, but), their whole world turned upside down for a few days then it didn't take long before they knew we were their family and we loved them dearly. They embraced us deeply and wouldn't leave our side, so happy to have a loving family! It took them awhile to trust again. They now say they never want to go back to China (I'm sure in fear that they will be left). We would love to go back for a short trip sometime soon, explaining to them they will never be left again.

I know kids can say some crazy things. I reinforced S & S that "mean people" won't come and hurt them, that they are safe in their own home with parents & brothers watching over them. I also added, the next time to tell her friend that "there aren't mean people in China that will hurt them." I believe they were well cared for and in a decent place until they could come home. I'm disappointed that they heard this, but I'm not worried, they are strong, smart, resilient girls. I'm grateful for their trust in me and knowing they can confide in me.
Tonight when I went to check on them, Sage was asleep in Shophie's bed, with her sis.

Since I'm on this topic, any ideas or examples anyone has on talking to their daughters about their birth mother? The girls have never asked (I'll probably wait until they ask, and I want it to come out right). Right now they view themselves as Americans that happened to be born in China (which they are), but with no birth mother in the picture. She is a special lady in my heart that will always be a part of them. I don't think I'll bring it up before they ask, but I want them to understand it well. We have our favorite popular adoption books we like to read together, and "The Giving Tree" is a favorite of Sage's, it brings up many quiestions about her past. Although they've never brought up their birth mother. Wish she could see their beautiful smiles...



What? Don't you dare, your face might stay that way. Silly girls. They like to tease me and make me laugh :) Love them to pieces!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...


"Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life." ~Sophocles

Sophie and her new potato bug pet, for a few minutes anyway :)

Stop and smell the tulips, wish they were fragrant
"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again." ~Elizabeth Lawrence

Trev being goofy

I Love You Mom.

Uncle Mike enjoying his neices, they think he's very cool!

They made my day today!
Trevor and the girls had it all planned and scheduled, on paper- Breakfast in bed my choice, gifts, church, visit G & G's, & play mom's favorite game. It all happened but the favorite game. I had important directions to stay in bed this morning until they came... oh ya, I could get used to this! It was so sweet, he had things set out the night before with a note saying "don't touch", my favorite was the bowl full of fresh fruit.
They couldn't wait to give me the cards & gifts they made and hid until this morning. The homemade pop-up cards were charming, the painted rock paper weight is a keepsake from Trevor, and my heart melted when I read "You are my best friend" on the card Sage made me. Josh gave a talk today in church about "what my mother has taught me", it brought tears to my eyes, he's such a good kid and I'm grateful for the compliments on his behalf. They (my kids) always make me want to be better. Then he and Nick took over Sharing Time in Primary so the ladies could attend a special Relief Society Meeting for Mother's Day put on by the young women. It was very nice, the perfect ending of my afternoon. Thanks for the pampering.
Then off to see both Grandma's. Things can get a little crazy at Grandma's, I had to be the mean mom and say no more sugar! We all had a good time and they are so great with our kids. I have great mothers in my life (my mom & MIL) and I hope to possess the qualities I see in both of them. I'm so blessed to be a mom! My heart is full, I love my children dearly, and of course their wonderful dad.
Happy Mother's Day to all, whether you're a mom or not, we can all mother children. A big hug to those striving to have children, or know they can't bear their own. And to those waiting in the unpredictable adoption process, Mother's Day can be difficult. You're big day will come and you'll never want to look back.

"No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother's love."
~Edwin Hubble Chapin

Friday, May 08, 2009

Pinewood Derby & Soccer... way to go!

Warning, moms bragging rights...

Trevor, our engineer, getting his car ready for the big day
He chose the design of his favorite sportscar red Corvette, cut with dad's help, sanded, masked & painted
He learned how to change blades in a jig saw, sharpen a chisel, use a dremel tool, air brush, & polish an axle. Thanks Dad!

The boys

The cheering section

Guess who won first place?

out of all of these awesome cars...

in every race it ran


Way to go Trevor! This was his first & last Pinewood Derby (he'll be 11 next month). He'll never forget it.
He also enjoyed cheering his buddies on.
And the girls were counting down to the day they start soccer again...

Pep talk with one of their coaches before the game

Waiting on the sidelines, the kids are instant pals

Sophie running the field (they made 2 goals each) She was so cute on the field, every time she passed she looked at me with this huge grin on her face, and after her first goal, she ran over for some bones and high-five

Sage & friend Danica (green) out in front. Danica & her team were tough to beat, you'd never guess this was Danica's first year playing, she's a natural.
Coach on left, the girls think he's awesome.
Sage was so fast and usually coming out ahead with the ball. A go-getter.

Trev & Cade (neighbor friend) playing catch with a water bottle, how creative since they left their FB at home

Sage & school bud Max

I had to add my nice neighbor friend's comment she posted on facebook after the game (for the girls book)

Dianne,That was SO much fun seeing you and your girls tonight.. They are such fast little one's... Stay away from Sophie and Sage! They are so great at soccer and darling little girls. I love to play against people we know, kids are so much fun.. You look great Dianne. Your such a cutie.. My parents were getting a kick out of watching how fast and slick the girls play.. Great game Sophie and Sage.

So sweet, thanks Shalise

Of course it's not all about winning, it's just fun playing and fun to watch, the girls do their share of tripping over the ball and kicking it out of bounce along as they try to make goals :). The best part is seeing the sportmanship, team work, and new friendships they make. Good job!