Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Before & After"- Kitchen redo...

Sneak peek, getting out my favorite dishes for Nick's B-day.


Not bad, but boring and wanting a change. The honey Alder cabinets are outdated and sunbleached, I would've liked them better if they were Knotty Alder. I picked these out almost 7 years ago while our home was being built.

And After... Ta, Da!

my mostly white kitchen.

It makes my kitchen look larger with a classic charm and brightness I was after.

I heart my new kitchen! I might add stainless steel appliances down the road, but I'm happy with the white ones we have now, so I'll wait until they need replacing. I also have some white subway tiles picked out for the back splash, and some clear glass doors for the cupboards above the cooktop. Then a few hanging lights over the island for that final touch. I'm thrilled how the pewter hardware, light porceline tile and Avonite counter tops compliment the white & green cabinets.

I went back and forth deciding whether to paint the island white or the "Lemon Pepper" color I chose (grayish green). I like the green, it breaks up the monotony and gives it some character and a focal point. We had fun antiquing /distressing it then gave it a Polyurethane gloss finish. All the natural light from the breakfast nook makes it stand out.

It's a messy job. This was truly a labor of love for Paul! He was fine with the Alder cabinets and probably thought I was crazy at first for wanting to paint them white. Isn't he the best? Thanks hon for going w/ me on this and help making it look fabulous! It was a big job and as picky as you/we are, it took awhile. But we had fun working together and combining our ideas, even if we stayed up way too late and was ready to be done, it was fun and all worth it.

Our garage turned into a work station.

I've wanted a white kitchen for awhile now and was motivated by Kim's (3 Peanuts) kitchen posts to finally do it, thanks Kim! Paul sprayed all the cabinets with 3-4 layers to get the smooth shiny look, and I painted the island green with some distressing & antiquing. It took us a couple of week-ends (twice as long as expected) and the cost was less then $400 (which includes buying the sprayer). I'm pleased with the fresh change and nice upgrade to our home, it looks professional. What do you think of the change?

Friday, February 20, 2009

One year ago today...

Was the day Sophie and Sage were sealed to us. It's a day I'll never forget, sealed in the exquisite Manti Temple surrounded by our loved ones. Click here for a recap.

This year went by so fast! It has become our "forever family" day. Another great time to celebrate life, families, adoption, God's great plan for us... If you know me, I'm always up for a good celebration, and this day means so much. Since the kids had the week off, we spent some fun filled days somewhere warm.


It was cute watching Sage peek around the corner, waiting for Trevor & Sophie to come (top right)

Showing off our February "tans"

Sophie & Josh making a splash, so great having big brothers!

Trying out some effects, I like the B & W & Sepia


Early in the morning, the clouds in the mountains were so pretty. I took this shot while driving down the freeway (passenger side), through the window and all.

We've been known to drive half a day for these breadsticks & pizza

I'm so thankful for temples and my forever family! I'm especially grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that blesses me every day. I won't say it's always easy raising a big family, but the rewards are great, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy B-Day Nick!

He likes chocolate brownies over cake, sweeet!

Grandma & Uncle Mike joined us for Nick's 17th B-Day dinner, can't believe I have a 17 year old!All Nick asked for was a steak dinner, so steak it was! wow, twice in one week.

trick candles... love his smile

The girls watching Nick's every move, they love to see his smile, sometimes a rarity for teenagers.

Nick had a great day, he got some pockets knives from Dad & Uncle Mike (they think alike), $$ from Grandma's & Grandpa (just what a boy needs :), and a CD from mom, plus to motor mount for his car from us both. He scored! Thanks everyone.

What happened to my little boy? Happy Birthday Nick, we love you and wish you a great year! Keep up your hard work in your schooling, sports, church, and everything else you do. You're an awesome "big brother" and we're blessed to have you as our son, you're a lot of fun and you keep us all laughing!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

S & S wishing you a...

Happy Valentines Day!

And their biggest brother a Happy B-Day! Tomorrow Nick turns 17. I have know idea what happened to my little boy???

We celebrated Valentines a few days early because my sweetie had to work late tonight, he's been covering for his partner (who's recovering from surgery). We did a quick change of plans and although it was rushed (no time to make it look fancy), it turned out great with a scrupmtious meal. We picked out a new Weber briquette grill that Paul has wanted for awhile and he made the most tasty Rib-Eye Steaks. Much better tasting then our gas grill. I whipped up some of our favorite side dishes and then we ended with some savory French Silk Pie (wish we could have Valentine's every week, but my waistline would like it too much). We had fun planning and preparing this together then relaxing and enjoying a favorite movie. Thanks boys for taking good care of the girls tonight so dad and I can have a date in.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Be My Valentine...

Sage & Sophie looking forward to their Valentine Party at school.

For FHE this week our theme was love- after a quick lesson & discussion, we made yummy cookies for refreshments & some for friends.

Deep concentration- they made necklaces, decorated bags, and built heart towers at their school party. A fun filled day!

Passing out cards

Trevor's class decorated cookies, played a Valentine game, had face painting... They all had a great time and ate too much candy, but hey, it's Valentines. I also helped chaperone Josh's Jr. High dance. That was interesting and pretty amusing. Kids don't dance with each other at this age (8th grade). They just all dance in groups, and then they gathered in a big circle and took turns doing goofy dances, break dancing, you name it, in the middle. They cheered each other on and had a good time. Josh had fun but I'm glad he has church dances every once in awhile where you actually dress up and ask someone to dance, the good old fashion way.

This morning, the first thing Sophie (half groggy) said to me was "Happy New Year Mom." Funny girl.
Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Little things I love about my girls...

You won't watch a Disney movie without having someone right by your side to protect you from the scary parts, especially from the queen.

The great friends you both have made at school.

A fun playdate full of afterschool snacks, hanging out in your bedroom & kareoke
You make your own beds- so neat & tidy. Of course you're good at making messes too, but you try to earn the "Lucky Plate" each day by cleaning up after yourself.

Sage hung her posters she collected from the Auto show all over her room. I let her enjoy them for a few days before "cleaning up", at least she used blue tape :).

You keep us laughing with your funny sense of humor!
You always check what I'm wearing so you can dress like me or match. I'm sure this won't last, but it's so cute now :)

That you are best friends most of the time and always have a playmate.

You like learning and reading the "hard" books from school, and doing puzzles.

You are your brothers biggest fans and think they're the coolest!

(last season)

You tell us we took too long to come and get you in China. "Hurry mom, Hurry!"

When getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, you come in to give me another hug before going back to bed.

Your empathy for others. You always pray for those you care about- a few days ago you prayed for Uncle Don and to help Aunt Peggy and their family so they're not too sad.

That I often find you in Sophie's bed in the morning (top bunk), when your covers fall off.

And your love for animals, you make sure Shadow (our cat) has food and water everyday! Whenever I can't find Shadow, I find her snuggled on your bed.

I Love My Girls!

Sophie (bottom), Sage (top)