Friday, February 13, 2009

Be My Valentine...

Sage & Sophie looking forward to their Valentine Party at school.

For FHE this week our theme was love- after a quick lesson & discussion, we made yummy cookies for refreshments & some for friends.

Deep concentration- they made necklaces, decorated bags, and built heart towers at their school party. A fun filled day!

Passing out cards

Trevor's class decorated cookies, played a Valentine game, had face painting... They all had a great time and ate too much candy, but hey, it's Valentines. I also helped chaperone Josh's Jr. High dance. That was interesting and pretty amusing. Kids don't dance with each other at this age (8th grade). They just all dance in groups, and then they gathered in a big circle and took turns doing goofy dances, break dancing, you name it, in the middle. They cheered each other on and had a good time. Josh had fun but I'm glad he has church dances every once in awhile where you actually dress up and ask someone to dance, the good old fashion way.

This morning, the first thing Sophie (half groggy) said to me was "Happy New Year Mom." Funny girl.
Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!


The Sorhus Family said...

Cute, Cute blog! I am impressed with all that you do! You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

how cute, I love the FHE idea!
Happy Vday!