Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We love the snow!

Can you believe it? The first inch of snow we get, Trevor is out with his coat and boots. Next thing you know, Sage is right there with him jumping on the frigid tramp. At least she had long sleeves and put her shoes on.

Of course they had to leave their mark on the snow covered slide. Sage (and Sophie) are Trevor's little shadow.

Let's do this right...
They felt so special to have their own nice, warm, pink coat.
(Thanks Aunt Lynn & family- such a thoughtful gift)!

The sun goes down early, but the dark won't keep them from having fun in the snow!

After they came in, I took off Sage's coat, and Sophie gave me the look...

You're not getting this coat from me, it's mine

(After 3 years of having to share basically everything, I don't blame her for not wanting to give up her beautiful coat)

So Sage had to put her coat back on also!

After all, we must stay warm to read our book

But we'll take it off for hot chocolate...

Thanks mom!

This is what they woke up to the next day...

Yae, more snow!!

Playtime with Addison

Sophie and Sage saying good-bye after a great morning playing with Addison. Jen and I had a planning meeting for the new year, and the girls were excited to see each other and played so well together. They shared and took turns, they dressed up, played lego's, and played with their dolls. Sophie and Sage didn't even mind when Addison wore their shoes, which fit her perfectly, they are the same size. Then they cleaned up their mess, with our help. Addison is a year younger then Sophie and Sage (isn't she a doll) and such a happy and smart little girl. We were so busy I didn't get pictures of the cute things they did, but we got a lot done!
Such sweet and fun girls! S & S love their new friend Addison!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sad Day~ Good-bye Panzer

We suspected this and tried to prepare ourselves and the boys. Panzer is not an outdoor dog, and he has been outdoors since the girls have been home. First, because the girls were so afraid of him, then when they got used to him and loved playing with him, we noticed Sage is allergic to him. We knew we had to let him go, especially now that it's getting colder and he must be indoors.
We carefully gave him to some friends where we know he will be loved and cared for, in a nice warm home. He now has 8 acres to run around in, and a family that will love him like we do. Thank you Jason and Carrie for adopting Panzer, we know he will be happy with your family. This is the only thing that makes it bearable for us and our boys.
I am proud of my boys for handling this like they are. After a few tears (from the younger ones), they realize it is best for Panzer and the girls. I know this will take some time and I will comfort them.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Learning and Playing

Playing with Trevor- love the bed head

He is so funny! (I absolutely love their laugh)

Nothing like a good book...
( Thanks Steph for the adorable outfits, they love the purses, I never know what I'll find in them)

Learning about the Wright brothers

This is their favorite page...

Sophie doesn't want to put it down

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fun with mom...

We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner this year with Paul's family, at our house.

Everyone helped...

Especially Sophie, testing the Jello salad for us...


Grandma with her yummy homemade apple pie

Chrystal & Devin, a cozy table for four

Nick and Josh digging in

Sophie and Sage loved the feast!

Ready for pie?

It was a very nice Thanksgiving. The men and boys went shooting early, while Sophie, Sage, and I pampered ourselves this morning. I love my mornings with them. Then we made our favorite chocolate layered pie and rolls, while Paul rotisseried the turkey on the grill. Cut Paul's hair while the boys played catch, and the girls joined right in. They love playing with their brothers! As confident and sure as these girls are, they are still unsure with other people if they get too close or try to pick them up, even with extended family. We fully expected this. They clung close to Paul and I when everyone came. It wasn't until after dinner that they were at ease and loved playing, especially with their uncle Tom.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am especially thankful for my family. When we were at the SS office to get our girls Social Security cards, the friendly young man who helped us smiled when he saw our family and said "big families are healthy". That is so true. Yes, life can be busy raising children, but they bring us so much joy and are so worth the sacrifice. My older boys are such a big help and just adore their sisters. The girls have brought out a sweetness in our boys that only a little sister can. And Trevor has grown up so much, now that he is a "BIG" brother. I am so thrilled that our girls are here to enjoy the holidays with us. I love my family dearly, and I'm so thankful for a loving husband!
I am also thankful for my freedom and this wonderful country we live in. For the community I live in, our wonderful neighbors and friends. In spite of all the wild things we see everyday and hear about in the news, there are many wonderful people that truly care and try to improve this world. Every day I am thankful for my faith, and for a loving God that has blessed my life.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Seeing Our First Movie on the Big Screen

Our family enjoyed taking the girls to the theater.
We saw "Happy Feet", kids loved it.
We tried not to laugh as Sophie and Sage sat in the theater seating and their feet folded up to their nose.
Sophie had a bit of "Happy Feet" herself for part of the movie,
and Sage fell asleep in mom's arms.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Living Planet Aquarium

Getting ready to go...
Love the pink sweaters - Thanks Jen D.

Sage checking out Sophies pigtails
They love it when mom does their hair, even if it's barely long enough to hold, it's growing fast.

Sage, proud of her pigtails...

Captain Trevor driving the boat on the Lake

Josh and Sage checking out the Starfish

Searching for the Stingrays

They feel slimy
(Don't worry, they took out the stinger)

In front of the Choral Reef

Playing with Trevor in the tunnels