Friday, July 25, 2008

End of July happenings

This month has flown by. My sister & I threw my mom a retirement party last week-end. Way to go mom! It kept us busy but was worth it all. I'll do a separate post in honor of her, don't want to rush that.

Sophie's been a little sick- stomach pains, vomiting, & fever. She says, "I'm done being sick now mom", hoping it will go away. Sage had it first, and shared it with her sis (nice huh?). These sweet girls were so careful not to vomit on the floor. They would rush to the bathroom and tough it out as I held back their hair. Then I gave them a bucket and thought it was so cute when they would clean out the bucket themselves right after using it. Sage is back to her healthy happy self & Sophie's starting to feel better but is still very mellow.

Last night we had some fun at the park and enjoyed the firework show for Pioneer Day. Two things I never leave home without- a football and a frisbee. The girls like it as much as the boys. We've been a little homebound, so it felt great to get out.

Sage left, Sophie right

We're heading to CA soon, looking forward to the relaxing at the beach & taking the kids to Disneyland. Sophie's & Sage's first time! They're at a perfect age to meet Mickey Mouse & Cinderella, they've been talking about it all month. Has anyone been to Lego Land? We're considering going, but I've never been. Wondering if our older boys would get bored (16 & 13). They'll probably enjoy it for the kids :).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A special letter from the White House...

Hard to find the time to blog in July, busy but fun month, but I want to keep things updated for the girls books. A couple of weeks ago we had a meaningful patriotic FHE, we shared this letter with the family. This letter is to Sophie and Sage from President Bush, it was enclosed with their Certificate of Citizenship...

Dear Fellow American:

I am pleased to congratulate you on becoming a United States citizen. You are now a part of a great and blessed Nation. I know your family and friends are proud of you on this special day.

Americans are united across the generations by grand and enduring ideals. The grandest of these ideals is an unfolding promise that everyone belongs, that everyone deserves a chance, and that no insignificant person was ever born. Our country has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We are bound by principles that move us beyond our backgrounds, lift us above our interests, and teach us what it means to be citizens. Every citizen must uphold these principles. And every new citizen, by embracing these ideals, makes our country more, not less, American.

As you begin to participate fully in our democracy, remember that what you do is as important as anything government does. I ask you to serve your new Nation, beginning with your neighbor. I ask you to be citizens building communities of service and a Nation of character. Americans are generous and strong and decent not because we believe in ourselves, but because we hold beliefs beyond ourselves. When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no government program can replace it. When this spirit is present, no wrong can stand against it.

Welcome to the joy, responsibility, and freedom of American citizenship. God bless you, and God bless America.


George W. Bush

I treasure this letter, brings tears to my eyes sometimes. I'm looking forward to sharing it with our girls again when they're older. I'm thankful they'll have all these opportunities! How blessed we are to live in this great nation under God, even through tough times. God bless America!

Celebrating Pioneer Day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We did it!~ Sophie and Sage style

Sage, ready to go- all natural, no need for make-up:)

Sage & friends

Sophie, lost her scrunchy already and making sure her nails look great on stage- lol

Sage, making sure she's "on her spot"

Spirit Dance

Biggest fans!! Brothers, Kathy (lower right), and both Grandmas came to watch. S & S put on an original show, certainly made us laugh, even if it wasn't exactly what we expected. They both scratched and yawned on stage and looked kinda bored. So half way through, I reminded them to do their best if they want to swim after, they did so well at rehearsals, then they got into it. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting our girls, they loved seeing you all their!! What a good time!

Now for the fun part



Grandma D. (my mom) stayed and played. We enjoyed the Lazy River, and I wish I had a picture- my mom, with a little coaxing from my boys, went down a fast, steep waterslide with me. It was a riot, way to go mom! Even if it was the loudest scream in the park- lol.

I've enjoyed giving the girls this opportunity and watching them learn and have fun dancing and making new friends. For awhile, I thought I would never have daugthters to take to dance class, do gymnastics with, and buy pink clothes for. I enjoy the variety and like this as much as supporting my boys in sports, boy scouts, playing catch, and all they do.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Favorite spot for the Fourth...

Beautiful Flaming Gorge!

Sophie and Sage remember how much fun they had last year at this time, look how much they've grown. This year was just as great. The weather was nice not so hot, water was refreshing- cold at first, until you get used to it, the girls loved sleeping in a tent the boys liked having their own tent, dutch oven dinners and our favorite dutch oven dessert, tin-foil dinners, & S'mores were to die for food is always better in the mountains! Playing games around the campfire, tubing, waterskiing, and enjoying the fireworks over the lake. Such fun-filled days, we hardly wanted to leave. Paul got around well with his injured knee ya, I was worried at first, he didn't even bring his brace the boys were a big help, and we were grateful at how kind and helpful others were. As soon as we pulled up to our spot on the dock to unload the boat, the boater next to us helped us dock and instantly grabbed some of our heaviest supplies and hiked it up to our camping spot, not knowing how much he was really helping. It's the little things that mean so much! Paul did suffer a bit at night- allergies and asthma hit him hard, but he's a trooper and never complains, even when we all could ski but him. Next year baby! We had a delightful time!

Josh driving the boat, supervised by mom & dad

Sophie and Sage both wanted to ski after watching the rest of us. Wow, it won't be long I'm sure, but it freaks me out picturing them out there on their own at this age, watching them tube is scary enough, for me. They love it!

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can we have Summer year round?

Having fun with Nick! Sage

Sophie in funky goggles

Look at our future divers, jumping off the diving board. They were doing flips earlier, until I got my camera of course. They had fun jumping off at the same time bottom left.

Sneak Peak, Sage getting ready to dance

Dress rehearsal. They're getting ready to perform at Raging Waters in a couple of weeks. Sophie- center right, Sage- mainly hidden

But I think this is their favorite part

Oops, nobody saw that right? I better hurry and clean off.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Fourth of July!