Friday, July 25, 2008

End of July happenings

This month has flown by. My sister & I threw my mom a retirement party last week-end. Way to go mom! It kept us busy but was worth it all. I'll do a separate post in honor of her, don't want to rush that.

Sophie's been a little sick- stomach pains, vomiting, & fever. She says, "I'm done being sick now mom", hoping it will go away. Sage had it first, and shared it with her sis (nice huh?). These sweet girls were so careful not to vomit on the floor. They would rush to the bathroom and tough it out as I held back their hair. Then I gave them a bucket and thought it was so cute when they would clean out the bucket themselves right after using it. Sage is back to her healthy happy self & Sophie's starting to feel better but is still very mellow.

Last night we had some fun at the park and enjoyed the firework show for Pioneer Day. Two things I never leave home without- a football and a frisbee. The girls like it as much as the boys. We've been a little homebound, so it felt great to get out.

Sage left, Sophie right

We're heading to CA soon, looking forward to the relaxing at the beach & taking the kids to Disneyland. Sophie's & Sage's first time! They're at a perfect age to meet Mickey Mouse & Cinderella, they've been talking about it all month. Has anyone been to Lego Land? We're considering going, but I've never been. Wondering if our older boys would get bored (16 & 13). They'll probably enjoy it for the kids :).


Kelli said...

check out this sight, it will plan your disney land trip with the least wait in lines. I have not used it but our niece has many times for disneyworld. And its only 15 dollars for a one time use and you will wait minutes vs an hour in each line. let me know if you do use it.

Kelli said...

I am in washington. Hey email me your email address so we can communcate that way.

The Boyacks said...

Glad that the girls are better. It is a bumper when kids are sick. Cant wait to hear all about CA. I am sure the boys and the girls will have a ball.