Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go Team!! Go Brothers!!

Sage- pink, Sophie- pink camo

We're our brothers biggest fan, along with mom & dad

The"Red Devils" have a winning record. Go Trevor!

Time out for collecting pinecones
Get'em Josh!
Josh is #56, with white socks

We're true blue fans, even in the rain
Sage- top, Sophie- below
Great Job! Their first win.
Nick made High Scool Swim Team, can't wait to cheer him on at his first swim meet in a few months :)
Fun at the playground after the games

Look at the beautiful moon peeking over the mountain after the game, posted in honor of the Autumn Moon Festival

Click on Loving Lydia for some fun Moon Festival Celebrations, it snuck up on us this year (we'll have to celebrate late), but check out our neat celebration last year.

Sophie and Sage have grown soo much in one short year.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Look

OK, it's about time. Just hard to find the time for stuff like this (redesigning my blog)... so a big thanks to Crystal for designing my new header, I changed the rest to match. Thanks a ton Crystal, I really like it!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy 50th Uncle Mike

Me & my girls (Sophie on left)

Sophie-way fun with Kathy!!
Uncle Mike tickling Sage
S & S playing with their exciting cousin Amber

Sophie & dad

Walking on the Ceiling. Sage & Uncle Tom

No guessing, the girls had a great time at Uncle Mike's Birthday Party. They're working on being the life of the party, I think they've got it :). Love their giggles!

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike, thanks for teaching me to whistle- Sage Sophie's almost got it! Big Hugs to an awesome Uncle!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

FFFF Snoozing

Here are my 'sleeping beauties' snoozing after a long days play. Watching Baby Einstein while I was making dinner, and the next thing you know, they were out like a light... (man, hate these late naps, luckily it was a short one) They have been good sleepers and have napped consistently until they decided they were just too old for naps (towards the end of summer). Now, I'll lay down with them every once in awhile when "we" (mainly I) really need a nap. See Loving Lydia for more cute snoozing pics.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chicago Trip

I just got back from a business/pleasure trip with Paul for 5 days. We left a couple of days early to enjoy the city, since it was my first time seeing the Windy City. I know this isn't about Sophie and Sage, but I thought I'd post anyway.

It was great hanging out in Chicago, what a clean, diverse, and fun city...

We flew in Saturday evening, stayed at the exquisite Hilton Hotel.

Then, took a nice walk to Lake Michigan. Wow! There were colored fountains, fireworks over the Pier (Navy Pier), beaches, beautiful boats (yachts), and various bands playing along the lakefront at different parties. It was lovely and magical being there with my sweetie!

On the way back, we strolled through Millennial Park and enjoyed a taste of the concert in the park. It was huge. So many came and brought their chairs, snacks, drinks, etc. to enjoy the Stars of Lyric Opera. I Noticed right away how nice and polite everyone was- I truly enjoyed the mid-west people! (I must, I married one:)

Walking back to the hotel, someone came up behind me and startled me as he tapped me from behind. I jumped back and turned around to see Guy standing there, a good friend from high school. What are the chances? He was there for a design convention- pretty funny. It was nice chatting with him, although he freaked me out for a minute, almost got hit :).

The next morning, we rented bikes and rode down the lakefront. A pleasant way to start the day! The weather was great and we got a little workout in while enjoying the amazing sights. The air is so nice and clear- the wind blows away all the pollution. I kinda like the "Windy City", at least this time of year. Then back to the hotel to get ready for our first Broadway play- "Wicked".

OK, Wicked was FABULOUS! Highlight of our trip. Can't wait to take our kids when it comes to our city next year.

Showed in the opulent & stunning "Oriental Theatre"

Then I enjoyed my first authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Giordano's. Man is it filling! It puts the pizza around here to shame, delicious!

Day 3 started with an Architecture River Cruise through the city. So interesting learning about the older buildings and designs mixed with the newer ones. Seeing many designs from my favorite designer "Frank Lloyd Wright" and the triangle "Sullivan" designs. The many Gothic buildings and Renaissance influence with the intricate workmanship. I'm amazed at the vision these designers have. Brought back my college days. Slide show coming.

That afternoon, we geared up for the Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Wow! It was awesome just being at Wrigley Field. Such nostalgia and excitement to watch a game there. Ya, my first Major League game, I must've lived a sheltered life, well, sort of. We enjoyed the whole baseball experience- hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, yelling (I mean cheering), new cubs T-shirts and baseball caps for the kids. Cubs beat Cardinals 12 to 3. Go Cubbies! What a fun time.

We traveled to the game on the "EL" (Elevated Train- had to experience the subway at least once, what a smooth system, it was great. Proud to say, we only went the wrong way once, should've followed me hon LOL). For everything else, we just walked or took a taxi, it was nice having everything so close and not having to rent a car to see the city.

Here I am with my Dunkin doughnut, it's probably good we don't have those around here.

Before the game, my sweetie took me on a shopping spree at the Majestic Mile on Michigan street. He's truly awesome! He knows I don't have time to shop much at home, so we found some great stuff. Thanks hon, you're the best!!

Then we got dressed up for the welcome ceremony. Well, it's been awhile since I've really dressed up, it felt great! The international Honda group (about 3000) met & mingled and ate the delicious food prepared. It was good.

The next morning we went to the unveiling of the 2008 Honda Accord. So sweet!! More luxurious and a little larger then before. I like the lines in the Coupe (dang, my whole family won't fit in one, I'll have to keep my Pilot :). We went to our seminars that day, had a little more time for shopping, skipped out on the spread that Honda serves for dinner and enjoyed steaks at Morton's with Paul's bosses & wives. Thanks Dave, it was delicious! Then, went back for the farewell show- Rod Stewart Concert (and they call this a business trip). Yes, Honda sure knows how to put on a show. The concert was better then I expected, didn't think I was much of a Rod Stewart fan, but it was awesome, we knew and liked all of the songs he sang (didn't you think he was great on American Idol last season). He sounds the same as he did 25 years ago, but his moves reminds me of Hugh Grant in "Music & Lyrics", too funny. This was another first- but this time for my husband (first concert).

What a marvelous time!! I admit, it was a little hard leaving my children, especially Trevor and our girls- being younger. Since the girls have been home a year already, I felt they could handle it, and it's been too long since Paul and I have gone overnight without our kiddos, so this was a treat! I prepared Sophie & Sage before we left- and they did so well! They asked for us often and counted down the days, but they had a wonderful time with Grandma's, Danny & Lyndsay, and their Aunt Brenda. I knew they were in great hands, and we called them every night. Big big thanks to all who helped!! Our children were happy and content when we got home.

Here's our girls greeting us when we got home (we snuck up on them), love those smiles, love those girls!! They were terribly missed!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Prepared for anything...

Sophie and Sage got ready themselves this morning

Enjoying the puzzle from Grandma They sing happy b-day to themselves each time they get it out

An easle made for two

Nice shoes Sage, I'll bet Sophie has a pair just like it:)