Monday, September 30, 2013

Chinese adoption summer BBQ

It’s always nice getting together with this great adoption group and having our children get reacquainted on special occasions throughout the year, here we are making Won Ton’s. 

Came straight from our girls soccer game, no time to change.  I didn’t grab my camera either, at least the cell phones nowadays have such good cameras, I’m liken my Galaxy Note 2.  I’m behind the camera in all pics, just where I like to be :)


Cindy graciously offered her fun backyard to host the event.  When I saw Sophie and Sage swinging on her swings (should’ve got a picture), it seemed like just yesterday they were on those same swings, at age 3 1/2, swinging for the first time ever, and you should’ve heard their giggles.  Such great memories.  And I’m glad my teenage boys joined us, thanks Cindy for letting us gather in your beautiful backyard!


New friends…  so cute as she walked up and asked if she could play with my girls, then joined right in.


Tramp time…


Trying to crack the egg…


Tasty Potluck.  Many brought some authentic Chinese dishes.  I brought my kids favorite, Orange Chicken.


Listening to this cool conversation in Mandarin, between my son and Cindy’s cute boy, enjoying how well they were speaking.  Josh has done great with the language lately, and is teaching a little to the girls.  Sophie and Sage are excited to take Mandarin in 6th grade.  Although they spoke Cantonese in China, they have learned some Mandarin from some after school classes, I think they’ll catch on quick!


Water Balloon Volley Ball. 

Funny, a few days after, a friend messaged me on facebook saying a little birdie told her to tell my son to text the cute redhead he met at the BBQ, small world.


Love that my girls like to be partners with their biggest heroes, their brothers


Oh my gosh, these two little Polynesian toddlers are stinkin’ cute!  Her adoption story is pretty miraculous, what one can do with desire, love, and perseverance!  Such blessings!


We had to leave early, so this sweet friend made a quick duck tape wallet for Sage.


Such wonderful people that has been a part of our lives through adoption.  Adoptive parents are some of the best!  I’m not tooting my own horn, I’m talking about all those I’ve come to know through adoption, personally and through adoption blogs.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweet Soccer Summer!

Warning: there may quite a few soccer pics (catching up), and a little well earned mom bragging below.

Yahoo!  They won their first tournament (with Avalanche) this summer in the LaRoca Cup.  Playing hard, after losing their first game in the four game tournament, they stepped it up and turned it around to win the rest.  Great smiles on their faces with such an accomplishment. 

1070092_10151590126177865_767033949_n (2)

This was a tough one, but they did it again in the challenging Sparta Cup.  Coming in as the underdog against Sparta (Sophie and Sage’s old team), they played their hearts out and took first!  It was so fun to watch, Sophie made the first score.


Class act coaches!  They build character, team playing, and respect, while developing great soccer players.  Thanks Coach Jimmie  (gentle giant) and Katie!

970319_10151630844192865_1173576504_n (2)

A sweet frozen custard celebration at Nielsen’s for Sophie’s hat trick and Sage’s many assists!  Trevor’s always there to cheer his sisters on, and vice versa.

1236099_10151664937477865_1398709459_n (2)

Sophie’s smile after a tough score.  She’s pretty stoic on the field and takes the game serious although she’s loving it.  She doesn’t make a big deal after she scores, but every once in awhile, after battling through and making a tough score, you see this great look on her face.  Way to go Soph, with your killer left foot! 


congratulating her with some high 5’s


off to win the ball, speedy girl!


using her whole body. 

Hmmm, I wonder what team the background parents are rooting for?  They don’t look too excited :)


Dynamic Duo, the two forwards.  Sophie may be the top scorer, but Sage helps with great assists and goals.  They read each other so well on the field, it must be a twin thing :).


Back rubs after a game (Sage), getting ready for the rewards ceremony


On a roll, they won the Mayor’s Cup.  Winning gold in all their summer tournaments.  Well done girls, and great coaching Jimmie!



20130914_163335 20130914_163317


Sage left her medal in the car


With the Avalanche Soccer Director


Love our soccer girls and their fun team!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Farewell Summer

It’s been super fun! Sage middle, Sophie front

DSC_6030 (2)

with non-stop smiles!


paddling uphill at times


but we kept on swimming


enjoying it with friends and family!


and always stuck together!


developed and perfected new skills


as summer flew by


we’ll stand on our hands until next summer!


Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!