Monday, July 23, 2012

Forth of July Hike

The mountains and lakes are so beautiful here, this scene is a mile up the mountain
On the Fourth we hiked Bells Canyon for our planned refreshing day hike before dinner and fireworks.  Ha, it was more of a hot, treacherous 5 mile climb to the falls, hard on my hubby’s bad knee, but he didn’t let that stop him.  Can you see him at the top of the trail? 
Josh helping Sophie across the river.  Big brothers are the best!
Taking a breather
photo op, slowed down the shutter speed
We made it (now the refreshing part)… it was worth the effort, so stunning!
Luv them.
the girls did so well, their only complaint was they were hungry (It took longer then planned and we hadn’t had lunch yet)










I wanted to be comfy so I wore Trevor’s football shorts :) 

Gorgeous Valley view
Can’t wait for our next hike!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bee Keeping


our girls looking like little Martians

What an Uncle!!  He bought the kids bee suits to help with his Bee Keeping 


Happy to be official bee keepers for the day!


Smoking the bees to calm them


Busy as a Bee


Looking for the Queen Bee


Making honey


Can’t wait for a PB and homemade honey sandwich

Thanks Uncle Mike, you’re the best!


Sage holding a baby chick

It’s always an adventure and so much fun at Grandma’s & Uncle Mikes!  

Monday, July 09, 2012

Jr. Prom~ Josh

Catching up on some posts, now that my life has let up a little :)
Getting ready for the big day. 
Josh and his buddies looking sharp, such good guys!
“The group”
For the day date, they enjoyed rock climbing at an indoor climbing arena.
These two are great friends, they’ve performed in some local plays together


Mom & son… sure love my little boy Winking smile

Girls- antiqueDSC00114

Great times with Great friends. 
It’s been a good year for Josh.  He had a heavy load at school with many difficult AP classes and a part time job, but he kept up maintaining a high GPA and a fun social life.  He’s made some great goals- he wants to go to medical school after his mission.  We know you can do it Josh, thanks for being a great friend to others, good student, and wonderful son and big brother!  You’re a joy in our family!        

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Fun & Awful Fires…

birthday parties 
Our sweet athletic girls have the typical soccer legs, as strong as ever, but pretty banged up (I rub vitamin E oil on them at times).  Sage left, Sophie right 
Friday night movie night.
The boys saw The Amazing Spider-Man while the girls saw Brave.  Sophie didn’t want to see it at first, she thought the previews looked dumb, but we all really liked it and thought it was funny.  Don’t tell them I said, but they even teared up at the end during the sad part, it was just a tiny tear though, just so you know :).  Love their toughness along with their tenderness and compassion, they are especially sensitive and protective when it comes to families.  The boys enjoyed Spider-Man… and didn’t tear up at all :).
Sophie, Trevor, Sage
They’ve missed our pool this summer…  but no need to with this one so close. 

They had a blast on the diving boards! 
Trompe L’oeil picture (to fool the eye).  It wasn’t staged, but Sage jumped off the high dive the same time Trevor kicked off the low dive, lol.
Our State has been fighting some awful wild fires this hot dry summer, up to ten at a time.  Paul took this shot of the Quail fire, over the mountain from us.  So sad to see how fast everything has burned.  We’re so thankful for the awesome firefighters that work so hard, and the rain we received the other day to help get a hold of this, an answer to our prayers.    

Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Day at the Park

for some park connoisseurs
who needs Lagoon when you have this? 
Of course we look forward to Lagoon for Trevor’s B-day tradition, who wouldn’t
gracious lady let the girls sit on her horse drawn carriage, they thought it was awesome! 
Blurry shot, but I’m happy to see they still enjoy good old swings  Sage left, Sophie right
Another great park, Neptune Park is new this year.  Can you see Trevor and the girls (top)?  It’s one of three tallest climbing pyramids in the world, 30 feet tall!  Ya, this is right up their alley (was for me when I was a kid), but I’m becoming a wimp regarding heights, they coaxed me into climbing to the top, so I proudly say I did it :).
This day at the park ended sadly as we witnessed an older man get hit by a car in the parking lot, by a teenage boy not paying attention.  Although it was in the parking lot, it was pretty bad.  It shook up the kids as the ambulance took him away (our hearts went out to them).  I really like having 2 teenage drivers, but often remind them to be so careful!!
Rock climbers, doing a pretty good job keeping up with big brother
Another new park, and so much fun.  The girls have soccer training here, so after a hot, rigorous 2 hour practice, they get to cool off on the splash pad with their team. 
Sophie and Sage give these parks 4 stars ****!