Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Day at the Park

for some park connoisseurs
who needs Lagoon when you have this? 
Of course we look forward to Lagoon for Trevor’s B-day tradition, who wouldn’t
gracious lady let the girls sit on her horse drawn carriage, they thought it was awesome! 
Blurry shot, but I’m happy to see they still enjoy good old swings  Sage left, Sophie right
Another great park, Neptune Park is new this year.  Can you see Trevor and the girls (top)?  It’s one of three tallest climbing pyramids in the world, 30 feet tall!  Ya, this is right up their alley (was for me when I was a kid), but I’m becoming a wimp regarding heights, they coaxed me into climbing to the top, so I proudly say I did it :).
This day at the park ended sadly as we witnessed an older man get hit by a car in the parking lot, by a teenage boy not paying attention.  Although it was in the parking lot, it was pretty bad.  It shook up the kids as the ambulance took him away (our hearts went out to them).  I really like having 2 teenage drivers, but often remind them to be so careful!!
Rock climbers, doing a pretty good job keeping up with big brother
Another new park, and so much fun.  The girls have soccer training here, so after a hot, rigorous 2 hour practice, they get to cool off on the splash pad with their team. 
Sophie and Sage give these parks 4 stars ****!