Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Fun & Awful Fires…

birthday parties 
Our sweet athletic girls have the typical soccer legs, as strong as ever, but pretty banged up (I rub vitamin E oil on them at times).  Sage left, Sophie right 
Friday night movie night.
The boys saw The Amazing Spider-Man while the girls saw Brave.  Sophie didn’t want to see it at first, she thought the previews looked dumb, but we all really liked it and thought it was funny.  Don’t tell them I said, but they even teared up at the end during the sad part, it was just a tiny tear though, just so you know :).  Love their toughness along with their tenderness and compassion, they are especially sensitive and protective when it comes to families.  The boys enjoyed Spider-Man… and didn’t tear up at all :).
Sophie, Trevor, Sage
They’ve missed our pool this summer…  but no need to with this one so close. 

They had a blast on the diving boards! 
Trompe L’oeil picture (to fool the eye).  It wasn’t staged, but Sage jumped off the high dive the same time Trevor kicked off the low dive, lol.
Our State has been fighting some awful wild fires this hot dry summer, up to ten at a time.  Paul took this shot of the Quail fire, over the mountain from us.  So sad to see how fast everything has burned.  We’re so thankful for the awesome firefighters that work so hard, and the rain we received the other day to help get a hold of this, an answer to our prayers.