Saturday, May 29, 2010

PC vs. MAC

PC above, Mac below

I like the pictures from the Mac much better, brighter with vibrant colors. I may have to borrow that too from my hon :). I know a lot of you have Macs… It does a great job with pictures & video, but the HP is compatible with my job. Macs take some getting used to once you’ve used a PC, but they are definitely good for blogs. So what do you prefer, Mac or PC?  Is it worth the extra expense?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip to the Farm


Beautiful green pastures with snow covered mountains backdrop

DSC_0132 DSC_2585 DSC_2616DSC_0116

Cute, he asked for a close-up ;) DSC_2610 DSC_0178

They had an exciting time at Thanksgiving Point with friends & classmates, and were thrilled to have both Paul and I chaperone, first time for Paul, fun. First grade started out rough for our girls (being in separate classes), but they’ve bounced back quickly and made it a great year- I love their strong, resilient spirits. They’ve learned a lot this year and developed close friendships while staying best friends w/ each other. I’m thankful for great teachers and a good school! I’ve enjoyed helping out each Friday and working with the kids, especially S & S. They’re going to miss it, they’re attending a new school next year.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Someone got a new camera…


I’m jealous



If it ever turns up missing, he knows where to look for it ;)


SOOC, let the fun begin! Sophie & Bruno

Nice hon, thanks in advance for sharing, you know you want too :D.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

REAL soccer game



The girls soccer team received free tickets to the REAL game, they were thrilled to see the pro’s!

DSC00597 with their friends & fun team. Sophie, Freyal, Sage

DSC00602 They made this sign before they came, on their own. It was so cute I didn’t mention they spelled REAL wrong, hee hee.


Die hard fans outlasted the cold & rain, didn’t want to leave until after the last quarter, except for Josh who only brought his light jacket- thought he’d never get cold :).

It was entertaining and fun to watch, such skills and control of the ball, never using your hands. They make it look easy. REAL- 2, Toronto- 1 Go REAL!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man’s best friend



Oh my gosh, we’re in love with this little pup, I think the feeling’s mutual.

You’d never know Sage is allergic to dogs, poodles are great!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Lucky Mom!

DSC_2343DSC_2347 Keepsake card from Sophie, her nice primary teachers took the picture!DSC_2364 DSC_2380


Love the necklace Trevor gave me, it looks very familiar.  Trevor took over my jewelry business now that I’m working elsewhere :).  He’s quite the salesman and entrepreneur, he’s sold to half his class at school (during recess) & his neighbor friends for Mothers Day.  He’s saving up for his 5th grade Washington DC trip this summer.

DSC_2385 The earrings may be big and hideous, but I wore them proudly- thanks Trevor!

It was a delightful Mothers Day.  At first I had to force myself to make it great…  After a busy week I woke up with a headache (don’t get those often), and still had a lot to do before church- updating our Primary for our new presidency and helping Sage finalize the talk she was giving (Trevor gave one too), then finishing up on Grandma’s gifts.  It didn’t take long before it really was a great day, seeing all the cute things my kids were doing for me, how could it not be?  It started last night while tucking the girls in Sophie excitedly asked- “are you excited?”  “Of course”.  They get more excited to pamper mom then getting pampered themselves.  They got up early and with Dad overseeing, made my favorite multi-grain pancakes with Blue Agave.  They did a quick but thorough clean up so I can enjoy a clutter free beautiful breakfast.  We got everything done, then off to church.  The highlight was the Primary kids singing, it was darling.  Sophie and Sage actually sang this time, and this is Trevor’s last time before he moves on to Young Men’s.  So cute how they all look at me with their big smiles while singing, singing just to mom :).   Trevor and Sage gave talks in primary, brought tears to my eyes.   They did great!


The only thing that would make this day better would be adding more hours t0 the day, especially if you don’t get out of church until 4pm, sorry moms.  It was nice seeing everyone and wishing our Moms a Happy Mothers Day.  My mom loved her new designer bag & scarf, and cute personalized mug from the kids.  Mom B. liked her mug and flowers, and we brought over a yummy peach homemade pie w/ vanilla bean ice-cream to enjoy with them.  Fun times, the kids sure love their Grandma’s and Uncle Mike!   

I’m thankful for my teenage boys also today- jumping up to help out with whatever they saw was needed, taking over so I can relax (what’s that? relax?), and opening the door for me, etc.  The thoughtful little things mean so much, especially from big teenage boys. 

Here’s a part of Trevor’s talk, hope it’s always deserved!

His talk was on gratitude…  One thing I am grateful for is mothers.  That is a good topic today because today is Mother’s Day.  Mothers do and give us many things.  We would not even be here if it weren’t for our mothers.  Mothers teach us, care for us, play with us and most of all love us.  In my opinion, my mother is one of the great ones.  She is a very talented and patient woman, you can tell because she has 5 kids, a job as a designer, takes care of our new dog, helps us with our homework, cooks our meals, and still makes time to play with us.  That is why I think she’s the best.   

 Then he went on and talked about Heavenly Father and Jesus, I’d like to add it because he shared his testimony….   My second example is Heavenly Father and Jesus.  It was Heavenly Father’s plan that allowed us to come to earth, get our bodies, learn and grow, and return to Him.  Jesus, our older brother, is the one who made it possible for us to be resurrected and able to return to our Heavenly Father.  The gospel teaches us all we need to know to make this happen.  He gave us prophets, scriptures, and teachers to help us learn as we grow.  I am grateful to Heavenly Father and Jesus because all that we have comes from them.   

OK, give me a tissue.  It made my day, all of it did.  I was definitely counting my blessings, all six of them.  Hope all the mothers & women had a wonderful Mother’s Day surrounded by loved ones. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy B-Day Pauly Baby


Nothing like a mint/chocolate Cold Stone Ice-cream Cake for my babe.

DSC_2433The kids picked the card and edited it to fit, lolDSC_2435 DSC_2438 DSC_2442

So excited to give dad their hand picked gifts and card. Sophie gave him chocolate, Sage a doggy toy, Trevor a flashlight that pivots, Josh some BBQ tongues, and Nick some headphones. What every dad wants, he was thrilled.  They went shopping on their own while we picked up Bruno from the vet, he got neutered


It was a fun cozy day with a few nice surprises throughout, then dinner for two at a favorite restaurant, home to enjoy cake & gifts with the kids, then off to a movie, his choice- Iron Man (plan A got rained out, so the movie was a nice backup). DSC_2453

Happy Birthday cuddly boy, to the coolest dad and such a fun husband! Thanks for all you do and being the man you are.

We 2764[1]you!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Our new addition

DSC_2317We have a new puppy! Bruno- resting and cuddling with Sophie. Such a well natured, smart, beautiful dog, even if our boys wanted to name him “Mr. Fluffypants”, they think he’s the bomb.


Many of you know we had to say good-bye to Panzer after bringing the girls home and finding out Sage is allergic. They’ve never stopped talking about him, and the boys were troopers giving up their dog they loved . (received this pic of Panzer the other day, he’s doing great thanks to Jason and family).

After a lot of research and checking around (thanks Kim from 3 Peanuts for your input on the Schnoodle, it was one we considered, great breed), and Stephanie for letting us hang out with your poodles the other day, and especially Paul, knowing your first choice was a Standard Poodle, but you went with the Miniature thinking of your family and knowing what we really wanted. He’s a great dog for our family- calm yet playful, great with children even though he hasn’t been around them much, non shedding hypoallergenic, he has a good bark but rarely barks, and the girls think it’s awesome that he is adopted just like them.


The breeder took this pic before we left, it was like Christmas for the kids. Welcome home Bruno!

Monday, May 03, 2010

And the winner is…

DSC_2278 Both girls won the Art Express Contest through the schools (2nd & 3rd place), then moved on to the City competition. They were thrilled to get a trophy with their names engraved on it.


The theme was “Imagine That”. Sage loves fairy’s, she designed a Mosaic out of tissue paper with Fairy’s & Toadstools. Sophie wanted colorful banana’s, so she created foil art with vibrant colored bananas. Creative, artistic girls.

DSC_2271Sage took 3rd in the City Competition, cutie peeking out in back row. DSC00568

This calls for a celebration, congratulations S & S.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dr. Grandma


My cute mom was determined to help Sophie pull out her loose tooth. Sophie’s been fussing with it for days- wiggling, twisting, pulling, it was so close but those last little roots didn’t want to budge. She lost her first tooth on Christmas Eve, her upper tooth that shouldn’t be out yet, that’s what happens when you use your teeth to loosen a tight knot, she was so excited! This tooth was stubborn but Grandma wasn’t giving up. I had to leave the room for awhile (ya, I could never be a doctor- pain, blood, etc. just doesn’t agree with me. Not that I’m a wimp, after natural childbirth I can handle about anything, just not on my little girl). It hurt, but you wouldn’t know unless you asked her, she was tough. It took about 1/2 hour, then Grandma did it! The Tooth Fairy’s coming tonight!

Before Grandma left, Sophie commented- “Grandma, you’re good at taking out teeth.” I think I’ll be using her services for future teeth pulling, just don’t tell my dentist brother-in-law.


Sophie admiring her new toothless grin. Sage right by her side for moral support. She’s happy for her sis, although bummed being the only one in the family that hasn’t lost a tooth yet, won’t be long. Before going to bed Sophie asked if I’m really the Tooth Fairy- “Hmmm… What do you think?” They’re starting to question about Santa being real too, growing up too fast.