Monday, May 03, 2010

And the winner is…

DSC_2278 Both girls won the Art Express Contest through the schools (2nd & 3rd place), then moved on to the City competition. They were thrilled to get a trophy with their names engraved on it.


The theme was “Imagine That”. Sage loves fairy’s, she designed a Mosaic out of tissue paper with Fairy’s & Toadstools. Sophie wanted colorful banana’s, so she created foil art with vibrant colored bananas. Creative, artistic girls.

DSC_2271Sage took 3rd in the City Competition, cutie peeking out in back row. DSC00568

This calls for a celebration, congratulations S & S.

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Cindy from central NC said...

Very very cute. We love doing artwork in our house, too...I think I enjoy all their various art supplies and markers and glitter etc as much as they do..!

The girls look great.