Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dr. Grandma


My cute mom was determined to help Sophie pull out her loose tooth. Sophie’s been fussing with it for days- wiggling, twisting, pulling, it was so close but those last little roots didn’t want to budge. She lost her first tooth on Christmas Eve, her upper tooth that shouldn’t be out yet, that’s what happens when you use your teeth to loosen a tight knot, she was so excited! This tooth was stubborn but Grandma wasn’t giving up. I had to leave the room for awhile (ya, I could never be a doctor- pain, blood, etc. just doesn’t agree with me. Not that I’m a wimp, after natural childbirth I can handle about anything, just not on my little girl). It hurt, but you wouldn’t know unless you asked her, she was tough. It took about 1/2 hour, then Grandma did it! The Tooth Fairy’s coming tonight!

Before Grandma left, Sophie commented- “Grandma, you’re good at taking out teeth.” I think I’ll be using her services for future teeth pulling, just don’t tell my dentist brother-in-law.


Sophie admiring her new toothless grin. Sage right by her side for moral support. She’s happy for her sis, although bummed being the only one in the family that hasn’t lost a tooth yet, won’t be long. Before going to bed Sophie asked if I’m really the Tooth Fairy- “Hmmm… What do you think?” They’re starting to question about Santa being real too, growing up too fast.