Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Special Sunday

Homemade cards are the best!
Grandma B. makes the most awesome cards, Sophie (left) and Sage (right), want to frame theirs.
With Grandma D. and Uncle Mike. 
On the girls birthday, Josh was ordained an elder, so we celebrated both special events.  Josh’s blessing from his dad was so meaningful, and I was set apart as a new Relief Society teacher and received a wonderful blessing as well, by the bishopric.  Such a neat day, I’m so thankful for my family and blessings of the Priesthood!
After Paul’s could be famous BBQ chicken, we indulged in this Oreo Guittard Chocolate Cream cake from Kneaders, YUM.
Thanks for coming Uncle Mike!!  They think he’s the best thing since ice-cream, and vice versa. 
Sophie changed out of her dress the first chance she got, when I told her I wasn’t done taking pictures, she changed and came back like this, nice blue accent.
Now purple?  Sage put on a skirt in hopes she wouldn’t have to change back to her dress, sheesh.  Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the small soccer balls for their room
and a soccer goal! just what they wanted.  Thanks Grandma & Grandpa D!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Playing in Park City

Refreshing!  The girls aren’t supposed to swim much before a game (coach’s orders, relaxes the muscles), so they get 20-30 minutes pool time until after their games.



Stunning view of the Olympic Ski Jumps from the townhouse.  The other side is charming with good restaurants, shops, movie theater, bowling alley, etc.  Great accommodations.


Nice open floorplan, large windows, and striking wood floors on the main floor.




R & R for Trevor, each condo has a private hot tub on the deck


ready to score


We treated them to a fun activity, since the boys were so supportive to come to each game and cheer their sisters and the team on, plus we were celebrating Josh’s high school graduation (yahoo, post coming).  Unanimous- they chose the Alpine Slide.





~Start off to a great summer~ 

12 more days before Josh leaves on his mission, can’t say enough how much we’re going to miss this kid, but we’re very happy for him! 

Wishing you all a fabulous summer!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

The love of the Game [Park City Tournament]


Leo the Lion from REAL with our soccer lovin’ girls

Sophie and Sage are known around here as the Sparta Twins, the Avalanche girls, or the soccer twins…  Such natural athletes and right at home on the field, parents often tell me how much they enjoy watching them play.  They give it their all as they practice twice a week, with games on the week-ends, they love it!  They’ve made great friends and have learned a lot about team playing- playing your position, passing the ball, talk (call for the ball when open), along with improving individual skills...


great foot work to win the ball (Sophie)


they may be the smallest on the team, but it seems to work to their advantage, they’re so fast with great footwork, and not intimidated a bit by the bigger kids


Limber Sage, I love how she plays with her whole body.  She has such strength in her legs, although she’s a pussycat off the field.


Sophie, great form, she reads the ball so well


Sage, calling for the ball, great leadership skills on the field.


Sophie (right), Sage (middle), and their good friend Sav (left), read each other and play so well together to make the goals.  They’re also happy with a good goalie and strong defenders. They won 2 out of 3 in the Park City Tournament.


beautiful Sophie, focused on her game


I do say little prayers often that they won’t get hurt or get a concussion (Sage got hit hard in the head with the ball a couple months back, knocked her over but she got right up).  The older they get, the more intense it gets. 


Water break at half time, we were short some players so they didn’t get much of a break during the game. 

It was nice playing in beautiful Park City, although over 7000 feet, it got hot.  This was their last game together with Allie, they’ll miss those who didn’t make the new team :(.


With their awesome coach, Allie (she played for San Diego U).  Telling me how much she loves our girls and how great they were to coach, they’ll miss her too!


Windy hair day :). 

My friend gave out these cute awards…  Sage- “the player you shouldn’t underestimate, she can kick out of this orbit!”  Sophie- “the player who Skor’s!  Not only did she get a hat-trick this season, but the only one who has scored two points against the number 1 team.”  Thanks Leslie!


You can say I’m a soccer mom, I’ve really enjoyed watching their games and seeing them improve as a team.  Don’t worry, I’m not the obnoxious type, I don’t eat, drink, and sleep soccer, like the mom that rings the cowbell every time her team scores (anyone want to sit by her?), or the mom who wasn’t happy about losing to us yesterday yelling commands at her daughter- “Don’t kick the ball and watch the other girls (my girls) fall on their a**, real classy lady, it takes all types…  But for the most part, it’s pretty professional with good sportsmanship, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the parents and cheering our girls on. 


Love our cute athletes!

Sage #2, Sophie #4

Kicken It!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sophie and Sage turn 10!


Happy Birthday sweet girls

a private party with their besties…


They had their heart set on a gym party months ago, so much fun doing flips with friends!

and they have wonderful friends! 

they invited a good mix from school, soccer, and old neighborhood, it was a busy week-end, some couldn’t make it



We’ve got some chocolate lovers!  Sage (blue) chose Red Velvet cake, and Sophie (pink) chose the Chocolate Truffle cake, I made them into Bundt cakes  :)

Thanks for the great gifts guys! 

don’t mind my girls hair, they came straight from soccer training


Our girls don’t take gymnastics yet, since they play competitive soccer and take piano, but they sure enjoy it!  At recess, their friends have helped Sage land a perfect back tuck.



tag time


Sage, you’re it. A fun ending to their party.


Thanks Trev & Josh for helping and supporting your sisters, they loved having you there!  When Josh found out I was the only adult (Paul had to work), he gave up paintballing with his buddies to be there, what a kid.


Happy Birthday girls!  You have added so much to our lives and family, we love you to the moon and back!