Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sophie and Sage turn 10!


Happy Birthday sweet girls

a private party with their besties…


They had their heart set on a gym party months ago, so much fun doing flips with friends!

and they have wonderful friends! 

they invited a good mix from school, soccer, and old neighborhood, it was a busy week-end, some couldn’t make it



We’ve got some chocolate lovers!  Sage (blue) chose Red Velvet cake, and Sophie (pink) chose the Chocolate Truffle cake, I made them into Bundt cakes  :)

Thanks for the great gifts guys! 

don’t mind my girls hair, they came straight from soccer training


Our girls don’t take gymnastics yet, since they play competitive soccer and take piano, but they sure enjoy it!  At recess, their friends have helped Sage land a perfect back tuck.



tag time


Sage, you’re it. A fun ending to their party.


Thanks Trev & Josh for helping and supporting your sisters, they loved having you there!  When Josh found out I was the only adult (Paul had to work), he gave up paintballing with his buddies to be there, what a kid.


Happy Birthday girls!  You have added so much to our lives and family, we love you to the moon and back!


likeschocolate said...

They are so darling! Happy Birthday to your girls! Wishing them a all the best to come! What a blessing not to just have one cutie, but two darling girls. When does your son leave for his mission?

Dianne said...

Thanks Kellyn, so true, double blessings!
Josh leaves in 3 weeks, coming up super fast.