Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Special Sunday

Homemade cards are the best!
Grandma B. makes the most awesome cards, Sophie (left) and Sage (right), want to frame theirs.
With Grandma D. and Uncle Mike. 
On the girls birthday, Josh was ordained an elder, so we celebrated both special events.  Josh’s blessing from his dad was so meaningful, and I was set apart as a new Relief Society teacher and received a wonderful blessing as well, by the bishopric.  Such a neat day, I’m so thankful for my family and blessings of the Priesthood!
After Paul’s could be famous BBQ chicken, we indulged in this Oreo Guittard Chocolate Cream cake from Kneaders, YUM.
Thanks for coming Uncle Mike!!  They think he’s the best thing since ice-cream, and vice versa. 
Sophie changed out of her dress the first chance she got, when I told her I wasn’t done taking pictures, she changed and came back like this, nice blue accent.
Now purple?  Sage put on a skirt in hopes she wouldn’t have to change back to her dress, sheesh.  Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the small soccer balls for their room
and a soccer goal! just what they wanted.  Thanks Grandma & Grandpa D!