Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our little Author… “The Secret Door”


Somebody here took 2nd Place in the schools writing competition!  Sophie took this picture


The 3rd Grade winners; Congratulations Sage! too far away for flash, oh well


with Brad Wilcox, great author and professor!


Sage wrote a clever story about a secret door in an old home, the girl entered and was in the future with robots; in the end she freed the people and turned the robots nice.  She used a lot of her real life situations, like when her and Sophie discovered our attic with their dad the other day (the secret door), and moving to a new home (we moved a year ago), finding her sister beyond the door (Sophie), a girl named Aspen (her good friend from her old school), etc.  What a clever little writer, thrilled when she won 2nd out of all 3rd grade.  They took the stories to BYU to be judged, and Brad Wilcox presented the awards at Literacy night last night.  Here’s to our future author?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do bad things really come in threes?

I’m not superstitious, but they did this week…

First, Josh wiped out snowboarding.  He goes on some challenging black diamond courses with his buddies (he’s pretty experienced), some with jumps and boxes (to grind on I guess).  He made the jump, but biffed it on the box, he was airborne and landed wrong.  Ouch!  He broke his tailbone and tore his LCL, no sports for 2 weeks.  At least he’s able to work and go to school, we’re thankful it wasn’t worse (no surgery needed on his knee).  But I’m sure it’s pretty painful, his first day back to work was miserable delivering pizzas, so they let him off early.  It’s getting better each day.  He worked tonight and said it wasn’t bad.  :)


His dad checking everything out, he can relate, been there, done that with a motorcycle accident


His sweet girlfriend, help taking care of Josh (I wish I looked that happy when I’m injured, he’s got a pretty good attitude even if he can’t sit down normally, poor guy)

Then, when it rains, it pours, and sometimes freezes!  With the extreme weather we’ve had, the next thing we know we have no water coming into the house… frozen pipes.  Dang!  That means no showers, flushing toilets, running dishwasher, laundry, quick drink, etc.  Of course I had a sink full of dirty dishes I was trying to get to.  I stocked up on paper products so we can eat (and we’re eating out a lot), and got our supply of hand sanitizer, lysol cleaning wipes, water bottles etc.  Sophie and Sage thought it was cool at first, felt like camping, but the coolness quickly wore off after they had to deal with it for awhile.  If it goes on much longer, I’m checking my family into a hotel, there’s always the gym for a shower after a good workout (but I can’t workout now, uhg!).  We’re so thankful Paul replenished our water supply a few months ago!!  Even if I feel like a pioneer, going to the cold garage to pump the water we need, then to the house to boil it for warm water.  Praying it thaws out enough to get a water flow going soon!

To top things off, we woke up to a freezing rain anomaly, the roads were like an ice skating rink.  This is one of our coldest winters, and freezing rain like this hasn’t happened in 20 or 30 years.  Josh called when he got to school to caution us that everything is iced over and to be careful (he’s always thoughtful like that).  Well, I tried to be careful, but as I was taking Bruno to the groomers (had my hands full and taking some garbage to the trash) I slipped on our steep driveway and hit my head, hard.  When I returned from the groomers, I realized it was bleeding pretty bad.  Paul took me in and luckily I didn’t need staples in my head, but I have a concussion.  I also strained my neck and back in the fall.  Lovely.

It stinks, although I know things could’ve been worse.



Everything in the valley was iced over, this is a walking ramp at BYU.  This student fell and went with it, see the pile of blood by the students standing behind him, someone hit hard.


Morning commute, not anyone I know, but unfortunate, although I think everyone was safe.  There were 153 crashes in a seven hour period this wicked freezing day.

So thankful for everyone who has checked up on us and offered to help, my mom for bringing us dinner and my in-laws for letting us use their facilities.  Paul won’t let me lift a thing when he’s here, and Trevor is a big help.   Josh is doing well and healing, my concussion is getting better, just strains from the fall, and temperatures are slowly  starting to rise.  Paul has tried about everything to get water flowing (and so has our city).  We’re praying and doing all we can for running water!

ending with something pleasant


Sophie (green) and Sage (purple), meeting their friend at the gym


Really looking forward to Spring now

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

12 Days of Christmas… so touched!

I know it’s way past Christmas, and I wasn’t going to post this, but just typing it makes me feel good, an act of kindness I’ll never forget… and it’s a great reference for the future (I’ve done similar things but not to this extent, planning on it next year)
I have to say, I have the best neighbors ever!
This cute basket showed up on my doorstep 12 days before Christmas.  It was a night I needed a little pick me up… we had just returned from wrapping gifts for a sub for Santa, Paul was working, still had homework to finish, it was late and I was spent, much more tired then my girls who were on their second wind.  It totally made my night and many others to come!

“On the first day of Christmas, your secret friend gives you, some pears of the tree from which the partridge flew.”  For the next twelve nights place this basket by your door, don’t peek to find us out because we’d like to give you more!
“On the second day of Christmas your secret friend gives you
turtles… and doves
these ones are easier to chew”

“On the third day of Christmas your secret friends give you
3 French Breads
and a spread for them, too.”

“On the forth day of Christmas your secret friends give you
four calling birds
and you can eat their food.”

(I missed the picture this night, but there were golden chocolate coins and candy rings)
“On the fifth day of Christmas your secret friends give to you
lots of golden things and 5 rings… (plus 2)”

“On the sixth day of Christmas your secret friends who hide
give you six eggs…  they hold something inside”

“On the 7th day of Christmas your secret friends would give
Seven swans a swimming, but this isn’t where they live!
Instead of swans we thought…  let’s give penguins and sauce!”

“On the eighth day of Christmas your secret friends give you
treats from the milking maids and their cows that all say moo!”

“On the ninth day of Christmas your secret friends give you
the pirouette of ladies who dance in their tutu’s”

(Their were yummy chocolate frogs, wish I knew where they got all this neat stuff)
“On the 10th day of Christmas, your secret friends stopped by
to give you lords-a-leaping… we think they’ll taste divine”

“On the eleventh day of Christmas your secret friends give you
candy canes with stripes (cause they taste better than pipes)”

“On the twelfth day of Christmas your secret friends give you,
One drum of cookies, twelve fun drinks, and a very Merry Christmas too!
We love you!”

Wow, so thoughtful!  I heard this question in church and thought of my generous, secret friend…
“Are we doing good things to be seen of others, or the act of pure love of Christ and service of our fellow beings?”
I was so touched at this anonymous act of true Christlike kindness and friendship.  I’m sure from a busy mom like many of us, and at such a busy time of year.  My new neighbors don’t know about my blog, but thanks secret friends for making our Christmas that much more special!!  The kids lit up each evening when they found the basket at the door.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do with all this white stuff…


Wear layers, warm gloves, fuzzy boots (or flip flops if your name is Trevor) and enjoy

 images-12‘n the great snow we’ve received this year (it was well needed), except when I have to clear it off my car, or see the many accidents on the slick roads (I saw six Sat morning)


Sage (left) and Sophie (right) have really taken to the ice.  I used to be good, but that was then, I’m a bit rusty



If your name is Josh, you get to the slopes every chance you have (he’s busy working and senior in high school, glad he enjoys this on the side)  He’s usually snowboarding with his buddies, but he ditched them and took the girls up twice during Christmas break, taught them a lot (and I got some Christmas stuff done).  What a great big brother! 



Sophie and Sage ready for their after school ski program (Merry Christmas!)  They’re going down some pretty big slopes, and train tracks, not pizza :)


With their BFF’s, excited for the days powder!  And of course they like riding in LeBus (with a bathroom & TV)



If your name is Trevor (green on the right), you play hockey.


Trevor’s biggest fans!


We went to a fight and a hockey game broke out…  ha, ha, it wasn’t too bad, except for the loud (vulgar) people behind us, yelling through the whole game.  Anyway, it was a fun night and Trevor really enjoyed it. 

Sledding has also been a popular week-end pastime, can’t beat this snow.  The bigger the hill the better, according to my kiddos (good thing they have helmets)

and of course, Soccer practice moves indoor.  Have you ever played crab soccer?  Me either.  They’re training hard.



Made scarfs with my cute Activity Day girls, they wore them proudly!



And, although we’ve started working out again, gotta have French Toast on a chilled Saturday morning, then cuddle up to a good book.



What are some of your favorite winter activities?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Wrap-Up

Grandma B. made us journals, the girls were oohs and aahs over the intricate 3D fairies she put on theirs, they wrote in them first thing that night.  A very crafty and artistic MIL!  Wo, always fun with Uncle Mike.

Celebrating with Paul’s family… piano playing, singing, good food and great company.  Some live out of state, we had some catching up to do.  They also brought friends (from China), music and business students from Indiana.  They were excited to see our girls.  

Spent a pleasant Christmas Eve at my parents… a potluck ham dinner, visits, and the Christmas story by Dannie, plus some extras my mom prepared.  Then home, put out cookies and milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, and nestled in bed, for most of us anyway (thanks Paul for helping with the after hours wrapping party, I didn’t have a thing wrapped)
DSC04966  DSC05023
It was a delightful Christmas morning.  Trevor and the girls main gift came early this year- for the girls, an after school Ski program with their friends, and ice hockey for Trevor.  They were thrilled! (we figured that would beat any toy or gadget they might find under the tree).
The girls were bummed at first, but quickly understood why Santa couldn’t bring the bunny or hamster they asked for; worried that Shadow, our cat, would eat them for dinner.
A nice new helmet and snow board boots for Josh our avid snowboarder, and $$$ for Nick, our busy college student.  But they had plenty of smaller gifts to open under the tree. 
All smiles and many thanks!  Grateful kids.

Christmas morning (I stayed in my comfy PJ pants all day),
the kids drew names this year, (I only helped the girls); Nick got Trevor the Harry Potter Lego game, Josh got Sophie a Zuzu pet with tunnels (since she didn’t get a real hamster), Trevor got Sage a cool small locker to put jewelry and stuff, from Justice, and the girls got Nick and Josh some cool hats and AE gift card.  I enjoyed seeing what they came up with.  BTW, Paul is a great gift giver, giving such thoughtful gifts (share later).

Among other things, my sweet mom made homemade, personal pillowcases for her kids and grandkids, that’s a lot of sewing, so thoughtful!  Sophie and Sage made the stylish fleece leopard skin scarfs for their Grandma’s.  Of course, the best part is spending time with loved ones, a very nice Christmas.

Cute boots! Sage (right) tip toeing in her boots to be taller then Sophie, lol
Merry Christmas to all, hope it was enjoyable and peaceful!

Please keep precious Ivy Joy in your prayers, she’s a fighter and has been through so much!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Lights at Temple Square


One of my favorite Christmas traditions.  It was so cold this night, but so enjoyable.  Waiting just a few days before Christmas to see the Nativity, it’s always a special night. 

I left my camera in the car (smart), so all pictures but restaurant ones are from Paul’s phone, not too shabby!


Met for dinner first


a great Chinese restaurant near Paul’s work (we’ve wanted to take the kids here for awhile)


The girls shared an adult portion Orange Chicken, delisch!  They are still so cute with food.  Always so grateful, thanking us more then once, especially if they really like it.  They have big appetites and often eat more then the their brothers.  The worse thing to them is being hungry (I’m afraid they experienced that often in their first 3 years of life)


The fish is the best, Paul likes their steak


null-22 passing through City Creek


Quick stop at H & M, Sophie posing with the mannequin, she fits in well :)



Stopped in the beautiful JSM building for some hot chocolate


the reflecting pond


May peace be with us all!