Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do with all this white stuff…


Wear layers, warm gloves, fuzzy boots (or flip flops if your name is Trevor) and enjoy

 images-12‘n the great snow we’ve received this year (it was well needed), except when I have to clear it off my car, or see the many accidents on the slick roads (I saw six Sat morning)


Sage (left) and Sophie (right) have really taken to the ice.  I used to be good, but that was then, I’m a bit rusty



If your name is Josh, you get to the slopes every chance you have (he’s busy working and senior in high school, glad he enjoys this on the side)  He’s usually snowboarding with his buddies, but he ditched them and took the girls up twice during Christmas break, taught them a lot (and I got some Christmas stuff done).  What a great big brother! 



Sophie and Sage ready for their after school ski program (Merry Christmas!)  They’re going down some pretty big slopes, and train tracks, not pizza :)


With their BFF’s, excited for the days powder!  And of course they like riding in LeBus (with a bathroom & TV)



If your name is Trevor (green on the right), you play hockey.


Trevor’s biggest fans!


We went to a fight and a hockey game broke out…  ha, ha, it wasn’t too bad, except for the loud (vulgar) people behind us, yelling through the whole game.  Anyway, it was a fun night and Trevor really enjoyed it. 

Sledding has also been a popular week-end pastime, can’t beat this snow.  The bigger the hill the better, according to my kiddos (good thing they have helmets)

and of course, Soccer practice moves indoor.  Have you ever played crab soccer?  Me either.  They’re training hard.



Made scarfs with my cute Activity Day girls, they wore them proudly!



And, although we’ve started working out again, gotta have French Toast on a chilled Saturday morning, then cuddle up to a good book.



What are some of your favorite winter activities?

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likeschocolate said...

We are so jealous! Amazing snow this year.we skipped our Utah trip to save for China. My boys are dying to get into on the slopes .