Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do bad things really come in threes?

I’m not superstitious, but they did this week…

First, Josh wiped out snowboarding.  He goes on some challenging black diamond courses with his buddies (he’s pretty experienced), some with jumps and boxes (to grind on I guess).  He made the jump, but biffed it on the box, he was airborne and landed wrong.  Ouch!  He broke his tailbone and tore his LCL, no sports for 2 weeks.  At least he’s able to work and go to school, we’re thankful it wasn’t worse (no surgery needed on his knee).  But I’m sure it’s pretty painful, his first day back to work was miserable delivering pizzas, so they let him off early.  It’s getting better each day.  He worked tonight and said it wasn’t bad.  :)


His dad checking everything out, he can relate, been there, done that with a motorcycle accident


His sweet girlfriend, help taking care of Josh (I wish I looked that happy when I’m injured, he’s got a pretty good attitude even if he can’t sit down normally, poor guy)

Then, when it rains, it pours, and sometimes freezes!  With the extreme weather we’ve had, the next thing we know we have no water coming into the house… frozen pipes.  Dang!  That means no showers, flushing toilets, running dishwasher, laundry, quick drink, etc.  Of course I had a sink full of dirty dishes I was trying to get to.  I stocked up on paper products so we can eat (and we’re eating out a lot), and got our supply of hand sanitizer, lysol cleaning wipes, water bottles etc.  Sophie and Sage thought it was cool at first, felt like camping, but the coolness quickly wore off after they had to deal with it for awhile.  If it goes on much longer, I’m checking my family into a hotel, there’s always the gym for a shower after a good workout (but I can’t workout now, uhg!).  We’re so thankful Paul replenished our water supply a few months ago!!  Even if I feel like a pioneer, going to the cold garage to pump the water we need, then to the house to boil it for warm water.  Praying it thaws out enough to get a water flow going soon!

To top things off, we woke up to a freezing rain anomaly, the roads were like an ice skating rink.  This is one of our coldest winters, and freezing rain like this hasn’t happened in 20 or 30 years.  Josh called when he got to school to caution us that everything is iced over and to be careful (he’s always thoughtful like that).  Well, I tried to be careful, but as I was taking Bruno to the groomers (had my hands full and taking some garbage to the trash) I slipped on our steep driveway and hit my head, hard.  When I returned from the groomers, I realized it was bleeding pretty bad.  Paul took me in and luckily I didn’t need staples in my head, but I have a concussion.  I also strained my neck and back in the fall.  Lovely.

It stinks, although I know things could’ve been worse.



Everything in the valley was iced over, this is a walking ramp at BYU.  This student fell and went with it, see the pile of blood by the students standing behind him, someone hit hard.


Morning commute, not anyone I know, but unfortunate, although I think everyone was safe.  There were 153 crashes in a seven hour period this wicked freezing day.

So thankful for everyone who has checked up on us and offered to help, my mom for bringing us dinner and my in-laws for letting us use their facilities.  Paul won’t let me lift a thing when he’s here, and Trevor is a big help.   Josh is doing well and healing, my concussion is getting better, just strains from the fall, and temperatures are slowly  starting to rise.  Paul has tried about everything to get water flowing (and so has our city).  We’re praying and doing all we can for running water!

ending with something pleasant


Sophie (green) and Sage (purple), meeting their friend at the gym


Really looking forward to Spring now


likeschocolate said...

I know that ramp well! I really hope that it is nice in April when I come for Women's Conf! The last time I went it was so cold. Sorry you hurt your head! Ouch! They really do come in three's!

Dianne said...

Thanks Kellyn, it should be much nicer in April. I love Women's Conference, maybe I'll see you there. I'll keep my eyes out, although it's a huge crowd.