Sunday, January 06, 2013

Lights at Temple Square


One of my favorite Christmas traditions.  It was so cold this night, but so enjoyable.  Waiting just a few days before Christmas to see the Nativity, it’s always a special night. 

I left my camera in the car (smart), so all pictures but restaurant ones are from Paul’s phone, not too shabby!


Met for dinner first


a great Chinese restaurant near Paul’s work (we’ve wanted to take the kids here for awhile)


The girls shared an adult portion Orange Chicken, delisch!  They are still so cute with food.  Always so grateful, thanking us more then once, especially if they really like it.  They have big appetites and often eat more then the their brothers.  The worse thing to them is being hungry (I’m afraid they experienced that often in their first 3 years of life)


The fish is the best, Paul likes their steak


null-22 passing through City Creek


Quick stop at H & M, Sophie posing with the mannequin, she fits in well :)



Stopped in the beautiful JSM building for some hot chocolate


the reflecting pond


May peace be with us all!

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likeschocolate said...

The lights are always such a treat to see, but boy it is always freezing!