Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Wrap-Up

Grandma B. made us journals, the girls were oohs and aahs over the intricate 3D fairies she put on theirs, they wrote in them first thing that night.  A very crafty and artistic MIL!  Wo, always fun with Uncle Mike.

Celebrating with Paul’s family… piano playing, singing, good food and great company.  Some live out of state, we had some catching up to do.  They also brought friends (from China), music and business students from Indiana.  They were excited to see our girls.  

Spent a pleasant Christmas Eve at my parents… a potluck ham dinner, visits, and the Christmas story by Dannie, plus some extras my mom prepared.  Then home, put out cookies and milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, and nestled in bed, for most of us anyway (thanks Paul for helping with the after hours wrapping party, I didn’t have a thing wrapped)
DSC04966  DSC05023
It was a delightful Christmas morning.  Trevor and the girls main gift came early this year- for the girls, an after school Ski program with their friends, and ice hockey for Trevor.  They were thrilled! (we figured that would beat any toy or gadget they might find under the tree).
The girls were bummed at first, but quickly understood why Santa couldn’t bring the bunny or hamster they asked for; worried that Shadow, our cat, would eat them for dinner.
A nice new helmet and snow board boots for Josh our avid snowboarder, and $$$ for Nick, our busy college student.  But they had plenty of smaller gifts to open under the tree. 
All smiles and many thanks!  Grateful kids.

Christmas morning (I stayed in my comfy PJ pants all day),
the kids drew names this year, (I only helped the girls); Nick got Trevor the Harry Potter Lego game, Josh got Sophie a Zuzu pet with tunnels (since she didn’t get a real hamster), Trevor got Sage a cool small locker to put jewelry and stuff, from Justice, and the girls got Nick and Josh some cool hats and AE gift card.  I enjoyed seeing what they came up with.  BTW, Paul is a great gift giver, giving such thoughtful gifts (share later).

Among other things, my sweet mom made homemade, personal pillowcases for her kids and grandkids, that’s a lot of sewing, so thoughtful!  Sophie and Sage made the stylish fleece leopard skin scarfs for their Grandma’s.  Of course, the best part is spending time with loved ones, a very nice Christmas.

Cute boots! Sage (right) tip toeing in her boots to be taller then Sophie, lol
Merry Christmas to all, hope it was enjoyable and peaceful!

Please keep precious Ivy Joy in your prayers, she’s a fighter and has been through so much!