Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor

It's hard to believe my youngest boy is turning 10

Ten years ago today. We waited and anticipated him coming, he finally arrived on his own time, a week late... 7 lbs. 10 oz, 20 1/2" long

He came home to two very proud big brothers! He entertained us all, and kept us busy, such a joy!

My handsome boys about 10 years ago, Trevor is 3 mths here

Yesterday Trevor earned his Bear in cub scouts, pinning on the mother's pin, way to go TT!

He got to ride shotgun all day on his B-day, that's a treat when you have two big brothers. His new Webelos scout book.

We celebrated that afternoon at Boondocks, where Nick works


The kids loved the Bumper Boats, nice cool off

The Go-Karts and slick track were a blast!

Meeting friends

Trevor's friend Cole celebrating with the soaked & shivering Trevor. Happy Birthday TT! Trevor said more then once, "Thanks so much mom & dad, this was the best birthday!" Make it a great year, we love you Trevor!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our perfect day...

Our initial plan was to go shooting (boys idea), or boating, but to keep things low-key for Paul, we ended up doing this instead. We had a great time, a day I could do all over again. We had a yummy lunch at Cafe Rio (Thanks Paul, I know you're still searching for something you like their but happy, or willing, to go for the rest of us :). The park was great and swimming was refreshing, the kids had a blast! After the girls dance class and watching the games, the boys babysat while Paul and I went out to a cozy dinner for two. Thanks boys! And we always have fun with D & L!

A shout out to Danny & Lindsay! They're traveling to India (his mission spot) & Thailand (place they met) before moving to CA for Dental School (USC), way to go Danny! Danny graduated from the "Y" and Lindsay earned her masters from the "U" she also attended the "Y" and landed a great accounting job in LA, go girl! They've worked hard and earned every bit of it, we're thrilled for them both. Of course, this has come way too soon and we try not to think of when they have to leave, they are such a big part of the girls lives and have become great friends, they'll be missed by all of us! but we're looking forward to future memories and some fun visits, maybe next time at the beach :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yahoo for Summer!

We like our new swim towels Lexi, and the nice swim matts Danny & Lindsay! All geared for summer now.

Summer took it's time around here, so this is the first time in the pool this year. Sage had no fear, she jumped in and swam like a fish with water wings. Sophie fell in right at first trying to sit on her lobster, so she was very cautious and took her sweet time getting used to the water again. Once she was in, she slowly swam around the pool. She was serious but very proud of herself. We love how different, yet similar our girls are. Such their own person. Looking forward to a great summer!

These next pictures cracked me up...

Sophie taking a break from swimming, I thought she went over to jump

But with no prompting, she started posing on the tramp, good posture and all

even when Sage was jumping and having fun right in front of her, she kept posing

"hmm, hmm, excuse me sis, you're blocking me"

So she moved to the front of the tramp

Sage was having a ball jumping

But Sophie just kept posing, I tried hard not to laugh out loud... She was soo cute and serious!

Should I be worried? -lol

Love my little swimsuit model and acrobat :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

It was a nice day. Started out with breakfast in bed for Paul, after letting him relax and sleep in. Sophie, Sage, and Trevor were thrilled to help. At church, the primary kids sang to the Fathers, cute as always. That afternoon we visited his dad's graveside. Sophie and Sage were very curious and concerned about their Grandpa (although they've never met him)... full of inquisitive questions, it was sweet, he was such a good Grandpa! Then we met at my Mom & Dad's for a family BBQ. We all had a good time.
Paul got his steak dinner & Heavenly potatoes tonight (Monday). He was thrilled with his gift- a guitar! He'll start taking lessons now with his boys- Nick & Josh. They've been playing for a few months now.
Happy Father's Day to some great dads in my life!- Paul, Dannie, & Dad. Hope yours was great!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wish I could carry you...

A friend emailed this to me today. Loved the story, it especially hit home (ha, pun:) because of what Paul is going through. It's been almost a month since his motorcycle accident. Although he is hanging in there and staying positive, he's in a lot of pain and it's playing a toll on him. The simple things he used to do take twice as long and aren't so simple, even putting on his own shoe is painful when I'm not their to help. He hasn't complained, but I can see his pain. We are consulting with the doctor about surgery, either way he'll need a brace to get around. He'll start physical therapy soon. I wish I could carry you hon, like in the video!

We spent a few hours at the zoo last night.

The favorite were two black bears cuddling and playing together, it was darling and made the kids crack up. It was so funny, looked like they were making out.

We ran into my cousins, Allen (Becky's in Mexico) , Craig (taking picture) & Crystelle. Great to see them and their beautiful kids!
And my old neighbor and dear friend Desi. It's been awhile, but so cute to see Trevor and McKenna together again, they were kinda shy together. They are just days apart, we had fun being pregnant together!

Well, we were moving slow and saw more friends then animals, but we had a good time. I was hoping to get an electric chair for Paul, but they were being used, I probably would've had to coax him to use it anyway.

The girls got a kick out of the spraying elephant- look who got drenched.

Sophie Mei

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

School's out!

Even if the weather doesn't believe it's almost summer, we won't let that stop us.

Celebrating at the Myan after a great year of school. We took Nick to his choice of lunch since he had to work this night, missed him.

Fun with Danny and Lindsay! Always there to support our kids.

Fire dancer and Diver

He climbed up the wall to give an authentic Navajo greeting to Trev and Sage (a high five with the side of his arm). They were thrilled and he enjoyed their huge smiles.

Our boys love sports and trying new things. They've enjoyed learning and playing Lacrosse.

And Sophie and Sage think it's a blast too!

Josh, a natural, was the key player this game.

Dressed for all occasions ;). They just finished dance, then came out back to cheer their brothers on and, of course, try it out some more :).