Tuesday, June 10, 2008

School's out!

Even if the weather doesn't believe it's almost summer, we won't let that stop us.

Celebrating at the Myan after a great year of school. We took Nick to his choice of lunch since he had to work this night, missed him.

Fun with Danny and Lindsay! Always there to support our kids.

Fire dancer and Diver

He climbed up the wall to give an authentic Navajo greeting to Trev and Sage (a high five with the side of his arm). They were thrilled and he enjoyed their huge smiles.

Our boys love sports and trying new things. They've enjoyed learning and playing Lacrosse.

And Sophie and Sage think it's a blast too!

Josh, a natural, was the key player this game.

Dressed for all occasions ;). They just finished dance, then came out back to cheer their brothers on and, of course, try it out some more :).


JinXiu said...

What great pictures

I loved the resturant you went to. You mentione Myan. Where is the resturant located. It looks amazing.

Love the Lacross pics.

Your daughters are beautiful


The Boyacks said...

Glad that summer is finally here. Wish that the weather would warm us up. Looks like the weather is not stopping you guys from getting out and having fun.

Bella's mama said...

These are amazing photo's and the resturant Myan looks like an adventure!!!

Thank you so much for the ideas that you left, I appricate them so much!!!


Kelli said...

I have been reading your blog for a bit now but cant figure out who/how danny and lindsay are related to you all?

Dianne said...

jinxiu- well, I've never posted where I'm from, but it's been hard to hide in many of the posts and I feel comfortable sharing. The Myan is in Sandy, Utah (good ole Larry H. Miller, owner). It's a fun restaurant, just wish the food was better.

Kelli- Danny & Lindsay are only related in spirit and friendship. They were their first Primary teachers and played a big part in helping the girls trust and go to someone else besides mom and dad. We claimed we adopted them as well.

Thanks for your nice comments, I enjoy my blogger friends and following your posts.

日月神教-任我行 said...