Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yahoo for Summer!

We like our new swim towels Lexi, and the nice swim matts Danny & Lindsay! All geared for summer now.

Summer took it's time around here, so this is the first time in the pool this year. Sage had no fear, she jumped in and swam like a fish with water wings. Sophie fell in right at first trying to sit on her lobster, so she was very cautious and took her sweet time getting used to the water again. Once she was in, she slowly swam around the pool. She was serious but very proud of herself. We love how different, yet similar our girls are. Such their own person. Looking forward to a great summer!

These next pictures cracked me up...

Sophie taking a break from swimming, I thought she went over to jump

But with no prompting, she started posing on the tramp, good posture and all

even when Sage was jumping and having fun right in front of her, she kept posing

"hmm, hmm, excuse me sis, you're blocking me"

So she moved to the front of the tramp

Sage was having a ball jumping

But Sophie just kept posing, I tried hard not to laugh out loud... She was soo cute and serious!

Should I be worried? -lol

Love my little swimsuit model and acrobat :)


Bella's mama said...

Summer is always so much fun!!! From the looks of it you all are having a great time~

Have a fabulous weekend,


JinXiu said...

It looks like summer is fun fun fun. Enjoy

taylorchloejake said...

That sequence of photos is too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

Instead of commenting on all of them I will comment onthis one for all the post I just read. I am glad you guys got to enjoy the zoo and had a great Father's Day. Paul you are in my prayers, I hope your surgery (if needed) does the trick,along with P.T(physical theropy)of course. I am glad you are keeping your spirits up, that will make things much easier to deal with. I love you all soo much and cant wait to see you this weekend, you guys can FINALLY meet Kenny!! He is excited too! Love ya!

Kelli said...

Oh, I wish I lived closer to see there personalities in real life, they are so darn cute

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Hey Dianne! I am amazed at how cute they are! I love those pictures, good job! Soooo....since you're lucky to have a pool, when can we come raid it? J/K! But, it would be fun to get together sometime for a pool party or something. They're building one near our house and Kylee and Maddie ask me everyday when it will be done. Our little blow-up one popped the other day so we're down to just the sprinklers for now.Oh well. :)

Anonymous said...

lol! That is hilarious! It is great she loves the camera! funny!