Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

It was a nice day. Started out with breakfast in bed for Paul, after letting him relax and sleep in. Sophie, Sage, and Trevor were thrilled to help. At church, the primary kids sang to the Fathers, cute as always. That afternoon we visited his dad's graveside. Sophie and Sage were very curious and concerned about their Grandpa (although they've never met him)... full of inquisitive questions, it was sweet, he was such a good Grandpa! Then we met at my Mom & Dad's for a family BBQ. We all had a good time.
Paul got his steak dinner & Heavenly potatoes tonight (Monday). He was thrilled with his gift- a guitar! He'll start taking lessons now with his boys- Nick & Josh. They've been playing for a few months now.
Happy Father's Day to some great dads in my life!- Paul, Dannie, & Dad. Hope yours was great!