Friday, June 13, 2008

Wish I could carry you...

A friend emailed this to me today. Loved the story, it especially hit home (ha, pun:) because of what Paul is going through. It's been almost a month since his motorcycle accident. Although he is hanging in there and staying positive, he's in a lot of pain and it's playing a toll on him. The simple things he used to do take twice as long and aren't so simple, even putting on his own shoe is painful when I'm not their to help. He hasn't complained, but I can see his pain. We are consulting with the doctor about surgery, either way he'll need a brace to get around. He'll start physical therapy soon. I wish I could carry you hon, like in the video!

We spent a few hours at the zoo last night.

The favorite were two black bears cuddling and playing together, it was darling and made the kids crack up. It was so funny, looked like they were making out.

We ran into my cousins, Allen (Becky's in Mexico) , Craig (taking picture) & Crystelle. Great to see them and their beautiful kids!
And my old neighbor and dear friend Desi. It's been awhile, but so cute to see Trevor and McKenna together again, they were kinda shy together. They are just days apart, we had fun being pregnant together!

Well, we were moving slow and saw more friends then animals, but we had a good time. I was hoping to get an electric chair for Paul, but they were being used, I probably would've had to coax him to use it anyway.

The girls got a kick out of the spraying elephant- look who got drenched.

Sophie Mei


Kelli said...

that picture of sophie all wet is priceless. I love it.

How funny that you ran into so many people you knew at the zoo!

Have a great weekend

Bella's mama said...

I love these photo's!!! What a fantastic time y'all must have had!!!



Cindy from central NC said...

I so enjoy reading your posts. You have a beautiful family and you take really fun pictures.

I'm trying to talk Ed into getting a trampoline for our almost-three year old twins...Has anyone ever gotten hurt playing on it?