Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade root-beer, carving pumpkins, & roasting seeds…

DSC_8203DSC_2155DSC_2159DSC_2161Josh, helping his sis.  Sage being cautious with the dried ice. 

Our first time making homemade root-beer, yum.  I’m not a big soda-pop drinker, but it was sooo good!

DSC_2170We almost went without pumpkin carving this year, the kids talked us into it, I’m glad they did!

DSC_2174DSC_2198Sage, Mom, Dad, Sophie, Trevor, & Josh (in order who carved the pumpkins)

DSC_8202Sage- Vampiress, Sophie- Skelly Kitty, off to school this morning)


Sooo, did you see the clue?  I’ll post about it soon, we’re pretty excited.  Heading out to the girls school to help with their Halloween Party, so cute to see all the second graders dressed up.

Frightmares at Lagoon

I’m a little behind on posts good reason, I’ll give you a clue in the next post, so I’m catching up on Halloween posts before we’re on to Thanksgiving…


It’s tradition that we go to Frightmares during UEA week-end. A favorite time at Lagoon, with the extra spooky events along with the rides. Paul had to work this year, we missed him, but it was the only time we could go, and so glad he could join us for the other fun things we had planned...

DSC03107all pics from my small purse camera. This ride is intense, I’ll ride it with my kids if I sit in the middle, less jerky :). My daredevil days are dwindling…

DSC03108DSC03111Sage was thrilled she was tall enough for all the fun rides and didn’t have to wear her wedge sandals.

DSC03116Fun seeing my good friend Laryl and her cute family, we saw her here last year too :)

DSC03125DSC031343-D glasses for one of the spook ally’s, pretty cool special effects


Towards the end of the night we went through some haunted houses. The girls made me laugh as they went through each one determined not to get scared, I saw them jump a few times, but usually they led the way. They were bummed I wouldn’t let them go through the teenage scary ones with their brothers. They can’t be a teenager soon enough. Great Frightmares with my family this year!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Haunted Hallow- {Sunday Snapshot}


Fun celebration our city puts on each year that our kids look forward to.  Such a nice community feel to our town with events like free concerts in the park and holiday celebrations like this.  Just a warning- many pictures ahead, couldn’t choose a few. 



Sage shooting the ghostly ghouls


Trevor declared this is his last year dressing up, so he’s having fun as Jack Sparrow.  Funny how he moves around just like him, all uncoordinated.  I tried to keep the theme having the girls be pirates, but they were set on- Sage being a Vampiress and Sophie a Skeleton, they were happy to be something scary and I was glad they still looked darling.  The princess days are over way too fast. Glad Josh joined us, even though his friends wanted to hang out and he felt like the oldest kid there, way to support your family J without complaining, you know you had fun :) 

DSC_8088Sophie, aka Betsy Draper


Getting doctored up.  Sophie broke her neck (yikes), Sage broke her arm… their favorite booth, along with the pumpkin drop from the firetruck ladder.  Before leaving, we all enjoyed the stories in the cemetery.  True stories about some of the heroes buried there, very cool.


Bones for the skeleton, a bat for the vampire


Josh disappeared and was found entertaining his friends little sisters


He was happy to see a friend his age, everyone loves Josh (except maybe her little sisters that didn’t like the distraction), he’s such a pleasant teenager.



Happy Halloween!

Sunday Snapshot

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Having a sister…

DSC_8030is like having a best friend around for your whole life.


DSC_8014and there’s nothing better then having a big brother, according to S & S.  Sophie, Trevor, Sage


We thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls and other children in the Primary Program today.  They were looking forward to the program, they knew their parts well and enjoyed singing with their classes.  What sweet spirits!  We couldn’t help but silently chuckle at Sophie (she was in front center and wasn’t in a smiley mood like she is above), so whenever she looked at us she gave a quick smile or raised her expressive eyebrows to please us, then right back to her serious  look, but at least she sang.  And Sage was her happy self enjoying singing & performing (not like above, I was lucky to catch a glimpse of a smile from her then, they take turns smiling ;).  It’s also nice seeing my boys bless & pass the sacrament each week, looking sharp, always willing to help where needed.  Such blessings!             

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Like mother, like daughter~

dressing up and wearing my heels…


Sophie and Sage used to always dress like me.  They would see what I was wearing in the morning and pick out matching colors and matching styles for themselves, lol.  If I wanted them to wear more dresses, I had wear dresses.  Then they went through a soccer phase and wanted to wear comfy soccer clothes and now they wear uniforms to school (love it), so it’s fun to see them dress up once in awhile.  One thing’s for sure, they have their own style now and are very particular about their shoes! :)


they ♥ their new dresses, I ♥ their smiles



my favorite spot in my home to take pictures is the Bathroom :), near perfect lighting through the Silhouette’s & corner windows.


Fun with the oversized slinky they’ve stretched half way across the  house, Sage was thrilled when she won it at a friends Planet Play Party.

Happy October!