Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade root-beer, carving pumpkins, & roasting seeds…

DSC_8203DSC_2155DSC_2159DSC_2161Josh, helping his sis.  Sage being cautious with the dried ice. 

Our first time making homemade root-beer, yum.  I’m not a big soda-pop drinker, but it was sooo good!

DSC_2170We almost went without pumpkin carving this year, the kids talked us into it, I’m glad they did!

DSC_2174DSC_2198Sage, Mom, Dad, Sophie, Trevor, & Josh (in order who carved the pumpkins)

DSC_8202Sage- Vampiress, Sophie- Skelly Kitty, off to school this morning)


Sooo, did you see the clue?  I’ll post about it soon, we’re pretty excited.  Heading out to the girls school to help with their Halloween Party, so cute to see all the second graders dressed up.


Beckie Perry said...

I saw it. :) Excited to hear the details. :)

Dianne said...

Very observant Beckie. I'll post about it soon :)