Monday, May 20, 2013

A day in Paradise


Our Cuties in Cozumel  Sage- left, Sophie- right


We took the Catamaran Sail, Snorkel, & Beach Party excursion, fun for all!


It had a neat stairway into the crystal clear ocean. 

Snap! (as my son would say) Perfect beach weather, happy to see since the forecast was iffy


The snorkeling and beach excursion was the highlight of the vacation for the kids, so stunning seeing the tropical fish and awesome coral formations (Josh was bummed he forgot his GoPro, oh well, at least there was a photographer on board)


Cruising to our next destination


a private beach and aqua park in this amazing turquoise water


helping Sage on the wibit, w/ Nick and Josh


Sophie joined, heart her orange polka dot swimsuit


a teenage playground


Kayak fun for Trevor, Sophie, and Nick


BBQ on the beach, the burgers were HUGE


Hasta La Vista!     

It was unanimous… Best. Vacation. Ever. 

Since Josh is leaving on his mission soon, then college right after, we planned this special vacation while we’re all together.  Great memories we’ll never forget. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Disney Cruise part III


Embarking the ship, a little tired from the red eye flight, but can’t wait to get on!


You could meet the princesses too, but if you ask my girls, they are too old for that :)  They do have their favorites though- Merida and Rapunzel.  We all love the Disney characters!


Sophie and Sage coming back from activities with their face painted.  They thought it was cool how the couch turned into bunkbeds at night.  Sage right.



lol, I was asked by another family if my boys were triplets, they do look alike, but Nick is 21, Josh 18, and Trevor 14, growing fast!  I have to say, it warms my heart to receive so many compliments about my boys, what great boys they are!  like father like sons.  We enjoyed meeting some great families on the ship.



The sunglass swan in our boys room kills me.  Our clever host saw their glasses laying around and put them to good use in his towel designs



sweet surprises back at the room from our awesome chef


Paul and I lounging in a cushioned round window overlooking the sea, Bliss!


view from our room, never ending ocean



The Oceanside Club put on a show towards the end of the cruise with their new friends, so cute.


Just in time for the beach.  Beautiful girls!


Cheers from Sophie and Sage

One last cruise post to go with blue Cozumel waters!

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, May 13, 2013

Paul’s B-day and Mother’s Day

Yup, have to combine posts to keep up, not easy to find blog time lately.  This is one of the busier months with Josh graduating, mission around the corner, girls soccer tournaments, end of year programs/activities, a few birthdays (haven’t even finished my cruise posts yet, coming)...  Can’t complain though, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Paul’s Birthday landed on the day before Mother’s Day this year (Yay, we don’t have to share our pampering!)


Saturday morning he was able to sneak away to watch the girls soccer game downtown, luckily near his work.  I’ll post later about the amazing game (someone got a hat trick, any guesses?), but he was so glad he got to see it, since he usually has to work during their games.


That evening we stole him from work and enjoyed a nice dinner at a favorite Chinese Restaurant.  The girls enjoyed a Pizza, Movie night with Grandma (thanks mom)


Then a treat for my honey, off to Abravenal Hall to enjoy a great concert from “ThePianoGuys” with John Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.   We kept it a surprise, Paul didn’t know until we were seated what we were seeing.  It was fabulous!  We thoroughly enjoyed their talent, humor, and beautiful music.  Alex Boye joined and sang his famous Coldplay Peponi song.  If you haven’t heard it, you must here.  It was a great night out with my boys and their awesome dad, Happy Birthday Pauly!


Nothing better then breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.  I even enjoyed the crunchy egg and extra thick smoothie, all made with love.  They’re the best!


Homemade cards, decorated towels with coupons (girls), hand carved butterfly, beads (Josh), and a necklace (Trevor) that looked vaguely familiar, from my jewelry stash when I had my jewelry business, hee, he.  It was perfect.  Thanks family for making this day so special.  So sweet to hear my girls sing in church today with their Activity Day group (I Often, Go Walking)! 



Then off to see Paul’s mom, she liked the beautiful picture of Christ hugging her mother, Mary.  I bought it during Women’s Conference so the artist signed it.
So blessed with a wonderful mother that has taught me much in life and is always there for me!


Josh tuned Grandma’s Ukulele, pretending we’re in Hawaii

Motherhood matters!  There is nothing more important then what we do with our children here and now.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day, including those who mentor and love others children (we have many of those in our lives)

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Non stop smiles!

even from the kids :)…


In the main atrium of the ship. 

Trevor was off already with his friends from the Vibe.


We heart Mickey!


Pirate Dinner at Lumiere’s.  They had a great time doing the limbo with the wait staff…  Paul and I had a romantic dinner at Palo’s that night.


Then we met together for the evening show and Pirate Party on deck.  Dancing with the characters, DJ and singing, and Mickey flying in on a rope, ending with fireworks.  Disney knows how to put on a party!  Then they treated us with a yummy midnight buffet, crepes mmm, but the kids were off to watch Lincoln in the movie theater.



Trevor had a blast hanging out with his age group at the Vibe (14-17).  They did karaoke, made pizza, scavenger hunt, swim party, played guitar, sports…


Aaargh!  This cute little pirate is very protective of her brother, not wanting him hanging out with friends much



Sports Arena on top deck, perfect for our little athletes!  Paul and I had to beat our boys in the foosball tournament, then they came back with a vengeance for the championship.


Sophie and Sage had a great time with the Oceanside club, Sage in the middle, second row.  They enjoyed being old enough to check themselves in and out, coming and going as pleased, and the ship supplied phones to contact your party to meet up.   On the last day the club they put on this cute show “Friendship Rocks” show with Mickey and Minnie, then back for activities and T-shirts signing.

DSC_4793Cute seeing them hold hands with their new friend as they headed back to the lab (didn’t get a picture).  I also loved how my usually non holding hands girls, especially around their classmates, would come up all the time to hold my hand as we were walking (especially Sage), such happy, sweet girls! 

I was going to do this trip in 3 posts (last one being our excursion in Cozumel), but I still have a few more ship pictures I want to add without making this one too long, so bear with me, 2 more Disney posts to go


Ahoy, Mateys!