Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Disney Cruise part III


Embarking the ship, a little tired from the red eye flight, but can’t wait to get on!


You could meet the princesses too, but if you ask my girls, they are too old for that :)  They do have their favorites though- Merida and Rapunzel.  We all love the Disney characters!


Sophie and Sage coming back from activities with their face painted.  They thought it was cool how the couch turned into bunkbeds at night.  Sage right.



lol, I was asked by another family if my boys were triplets, they do look alike, but Nick is 21, Josh 18, and Trevor 14, growing fast!  I have to say, it warms my heart to receive so many compliments about my boys, what great boys they are!  like father like sons.  We enjoyed meeting some great families on the ship.



The sunglass swan in our boys room kills me.  Our clever host saw their glasses laying around and put them to good use in his towel designs



sweet surprises back at the room from our awesome chef


Paul and I lounging in a cushioned round window overlooking the sea, Bliss!


view from our room, never ending ocean



The Oceanside Club put on a show towards the end of the cruise with their new friends, so cute.


Just in time for the beach.  Beautiful girls!


Cheers from Sophie and Sage

One last cruise post to go with blue Cozumel waters!

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

How funny! The boys looks similar, but not like triplets. Have you ever had the girls tested to see if they are identical?

Dianne said...

Kelleyn, I agree, they look like brothers, not triplets. :)

Good question about our girls, we've thought about getting them tested, and briefly discussed it with our doctor, but haven't seen the need. They looked much more identical when they were younger (although I could always tell them apart), but the older they get the less identical they look, although many people still can't tell them apart. Most likely fraternal.