Friday, November 11, 2011

Biggest fans


Sweet Saturdays cheering on my kids and their teams.  Watching Trevor play football and the girls play soccer, makes for a great week-end.  Go Diggers & Sparta!   Trevor and his team wore pink socks to honor breast cancer week. 

DSC03143Josh & Sage, the girls sure love their big brothers!  and vice versa! 

The only time you’ll see Josh wearing his old Jordan Jersey, since he goes to Alta.  Way to cheer on your bro first, they were even playing Alta :)  Josh has his snowboard waxed and ready to go, resorts open this week!  He saved up for his season pass :)

 DSC_2188we’re moving next week-end, aaaah!


Our new home, can’t wait

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Happy Anniversary

wrote last month before life got crazy with our move…


after a rain, from our rose garden

When Paul & I were dating, he made sure I always had a fresh rose in my dorm, the sweetest! He would drive me to class on snowy mornings even though I lived across from campus, and he would eat any healthy thing I coaxed him to, even though he’s a picky eater. Now our lives are much busier, but our rose garden reminds me of our college days. Not long after we were married, he surprised me with a genuine gold dipped rose that will never die, so thoughtful.

We just celebrated our 22nd anniversary, wow- it’s flown by! It’s been fun reminiscing our last 22 years of marriage… the fun times we had dating in college, best friends, our exciting newlywed years, starting our family together, running a business together for awhile, traveling to China to adopt our girls, enjoying great blessings in our lives while working through our trials we face. Although our lives are much busier, we’re still having fun and love being together. He’s still my best friend.

I taught a lesson last month on marriage… eternal/forever marriages. What a good and sometimes sensitive topic. How important it is to nurture our relationships and continue to rekindle that love, to put our energies where it counts most. It’s so easy to let life get in the way- work, children, callings, sports, just keeping up with it all, but we need to make sure we’re not spreading ourselves out too thin.

“Keeping the garden of marriage well cultivated and free from weeds of neglect requires the time and commitment of love. It is not only a pleasant privilege, it is a scriptural requirement with promise of eternal glory” ~Elder Russell M. Nelson

gave these cute handouts with chocolate hugs for the ladies…


Successful marriage tips we discussed-

  • Keep dating your spouse, keep the courtship alive! Just the two of you, it shows your children you treasure your relationship with your spouse. Schedule a date night each week or twice a month.
  • Learn their love language and show expressions of love in their language~ acts of service, words, quality time, gifts, or physical touch, how do they feel loved?
  • Don’t try to change who they are. Remember the saying- “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut after marriage.” They are their own person, the one you chose, don’t think that you will change them after marriage.
  • Greet your spouse warmly when you see him, make him feel missed, loved, and appreciated- special.
  • Agree to disagree. It’s perfectly normal to have differences. Learn to say you’re sorry and put yourself in his shoes.
  • Laugh together often, a sense of humor is great medicine!

Any other great tips, you must share…

“Strength and commitment must be shown if we are to survive as a nation, as a people, or even as a fully successful church. We simply must have love and integrity and strong principles in our homes. We must have an abiding commitment to marriage and children and morality. We must succeed where success counts most for the next generation” ~President Howard W. Hunter.

“Neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord” (1 Cor. 11:11).

Happy anniversary baby! Thanks for a great 22 years, looking forward for the next 22 years and more!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

DSC_2267One of my favorite days of the year with these scary ghouls such a nice, warm night.  Weird to think this is our last year trick-or-treating here, I’ll miss it, such a fun night seeing everyone out.  Bruno (our cheerleader) was so happy to join the kids!  Felt very important. 


The girls Halloween Party earlier today.  They had a good time, but still weak in comparison to their last school’s parties.  Oh well, they’re making the best of it.  Cute that they sit next to each other in the classroom. 

After making the rounds in our neighborhood, off to enjoy both Grandma’s.  My mom makes some homemade chili or stew each year and the cousins catch up, and Grandma B. always has a special treat for the kids.  We’re so lucky to have them close.

DSC03222“I have candy and I’m not afraid to use it!”   ha, ha.   Sage, our expert organizer, lined up her goods at Grandma’s :). 


Then the big candy swap with their friends the day after Halloween.  Now, that brings back memories.  There was some great bartering going on.  Funny how they divided their piles with belts & bags, each having their own corner for their stash.  I have to say, they were all pretty generous traders, and said they were rich in candy.  

Hope everyone had a fabulous & safe Halloween!