Sunday, March 24, 2013

St. Paddy’s and French Cuisine

Tip of the day… wear green to bed the night before St. Patrick’s Day, the pinching fest starts early around here.

Here’s to the Irish! 

Trevor made the green cake, I kept it simple with some green bread, green milk, and found a few fun trinkets- like a big green bowtie for Trevor and green glowsticks for the girls.  Sage left, Sophie right


Guess who cooked dinner?

I’m liking his French homework.  For Trevor’s French class,  they had to make this creamy, ham/ cheesy (gruyere cheese), yummy dish that you can’t find around here, it’s well worth the calories.


Studious girls, it’s a mystery genre this month, so I introduced them to Nancy Drew.  It took a little while for them to get into their thick books, but once they did, they couldn’t put it down!



Spiffy Trevor ready for his choir concert, he loves music and has a great voice, they put on a good show!



Sophie and Sage saw this at Costco and thought it was the neatest thing, so they put their money together to buy one.  A big round ball has never been so fun! kinda like a hamster wheel (: They read in it, have snacks in it, and ride down the hill with their friends in it. 


The kids have had tons of homework lately, along with their sports/activities, plus Josh got his wisdom teeth out on Friday… we’re really looking forward to a fun and relaxing Spring Break!

Friday, March 15, 2013

A special day…



celebrating one of their BFF’s baptism


A beautiful dress for such a sweet occasion!


forever friends


ha, ha, their attempt at looking at her


Congratulations on your baptism “C”!, so glad we could be a part of your special day!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jr. Prom & some cat lovin’ girls


Josh and his buddies ready for Prom (hard to believe it’s their last one), waiting as more couples trickled in… they looked lovely!

Sophie and Sage loved the dresses!



Sparing no expense.  They planned their day activity going indoor surfing (so fun), then met here for their evening plans- dinner at Tuscanos and dance at Rice Eccles (U of U), traveling in style (I let them borrow my car, ha, ha).  Josh’s date had an earlier curfew so they didn’t make the dessert and swimming/ hot tub outing afterwards, but didn’t seem to mind (neither did I).

Kudos Josh, for paying for prom on your own this year!  Way to be responsible.



A limo for twelve. 

It’s been nice seeing Josh and his friends grow and mature throughout Jr. High and High School.  Such a good group of kids that will have some great memories to look back on.  Three more months until graduation! 


When we got Shadow she was the runt of the litter, but look at her now, I think the girls feed her a bit much.  Such a sweet cat that’s very loved by my animal loving girls! 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

The missionary haircut


Prom is over (I’ll have to post about that soon), so Josh is ready for his missionary haircut. His hair doesn’t grow long, it grows big, and everyone loves his curls. 

I’m not used to hearing him say “cut it real short mom,”  it’s usually “not too short.”   So we said good-bye to his curly fro.  Sophie and Sage didn’t want me to cut it :)


Half way there


Anyone need a wig? and I just cut his hair a week and a half ago


There you go, nice and clean cut, and still has curls. 

Josh, with the love you have for others and the gospel, you’ll be an amazing missionary!