Sunday, March 03, 2013

The missionary haircut


Prom is over (I’ll have to post about that soon), so Josh is ready for his missionary haircut. His hair doesn’t grow long, it grows big, and everyone loves his curls. 

I’m not used to hearing him say “cut it real short mom,”  it’s usually “not too short.”   So we said good-bye to his curly fro.  Sophie and Sage didn’t want me to cut it :)


Half way there


Anyone need a wig? and I just cut his hair a week and a half ago


There you go, nice and clean cut, and still has curls. 

Josh, with the love you have for others and the gospel, you’ll be an amazing missionary!


likeschocolate said...

My boys inherited my hair, so they keep it pretty short. Will he go straight to his mission or go to school first. I think we are shooting for going straight to the mission, but that is still 4 years from now. Have a great week!

Dianne said...

Kellyn, he was going to leave after a summer of college, but now with the age change, he wants to go right after high school. It's nice to have that option. It's coming up quick. Thanks for visiting, love your blog!