Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mother’s Day & Hubbies B-day

Every once in awhile, Paul’s birthday lands on Mother’s Day.  We get to share our special day! (now I know how our girls and other twins feel on their b-day).  I admit, it took a little getting used to earlier in our marriage, since we both wanted some pampering that day, but now I love it.  It’s double the celebration, and what a great Mother’s Day gift Paul was to his mom being born on Mother’s Day. 


Nothing better then homemade cards from your kids! 


Not sure who was teasing who here, but love their smiles and sense of humor!


Trevor gave me a great card and an “IOU”.  He surprised me with a beautiful designer bowl he made in his ceramics class (waiting to be fired).  So pretty and a great keepsake! I use it to hold my jewelry each night.  Thanks Trevor for the very thoughtful gift!


Sophie and Sage got me a Sippy Cup.  Yup, my very own Mommy’s Sippy Cup.  I use it all the time.


They know what I like… homemade cards and chocolate.  We encouraged the kids to keep the gifts simple, since our main gifts were nice quality mountain bikes for the family.  Trevor made the school’s Mountain Biking Team (yahoo!) and with all the great trails around, we decided to do it as a family.  A great family activity while getting your workout in, that’s my kind of exercise!


Happy Birthday Dad!  Hmmm… wonder if Sage was thinking about Dad’s pancakes when she chose a spatula?


Sophie knows her dad is the Grilling King, so her gift was a knife to cut the meat.  Trevor got him some of his favorite treats (love the wrapping blanket ;) 


Happy Birthday Dad, You’re the Best!!!

Photo: Awww, a sweet surprise at my door today.  Brings back our dating days!  Beautiful Lillies, you're the best babe!

Nice surprise, beautiful Lillie's delivered on Saturday!  Totally brightened my kitchen and made my day, thanks for still dating me baby!

It was a delightful day going to my parents for dinner.  One of those rare occasions we had them to ourselves, such nice visits.  We made a yummy Pork Loin and they did the sides and dessert, even made a cake for Paul!  Then an enjoyable visit with Paul’s mom and Uncle Mike.  (wish I took a few pictures)  

Hoping everyone had a good Mother’s Day!  I know it’s not always a favorite holiday (as a mom, I get that and feel that at times), but best wishes for the wonderful mom’s in our lives and celebrating the best job ever- Motherhood!