Sunday, April 20, 2014

Finding their Easter Baskets

I’ll have to do some speed blogging to catch up…  no picture editing or spell checking (not that I do much editing anyway), just keeping the memories


What a wonderful Easter with these sweeties!

Since the girls found out about Santa last Christmas, figuring out the Easter Bunny was bound to come next…  Now, they have one Easter tip, to hide their Easter Baskets harder, lol (they love a challenge).  Growing up, my  mom hid our baskets each year until we moved out, I’m sure I’ll keep that tradition.


So we hid them good… and they looked hard.


Sage found hers first, behind my mirror (well, there are only so many places you can hide a basket) 



We just returned from Spring Break, so their baskets were quite simple, but they didn’t seem to mind, or notice :)



Sophie was finally hot with her searching and climbing



She found hers in the office


Trevor’s turn


He’s lukewarm


Ha,ha, he found his out on the grill

What a nice day celebrating Jesus’ resurrection!  The best part for me was attending church, the uplifting talks, and hearing my husband sing a solo for the musical number.  He sang “Peace, I Leave With You” from John 14:27.  I had to hold back the tears.  The ward loved it and most of them let him know.  Great job baby!!  It added so much to our meeting today! 

Thanks Mom B. and D. and Uncle Mike for coming!


Hope everyone had a peaceful Easter