Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sophie and Sage’s Birthday Carnival…

DSC01006My babies are turning 9!  Not babies anymore

Sweet Sophie and Sage asked for a carnival birthday, so now that I’m not working (as much), we had time to plan a fun home party, the best!

They had a great time with friends in our private backyard carnival


Bean Bag Toss

DSC01099Gunny Sac Race

DSC01111Balloon Toss


Waiting for the last girls to do the Hoop Shoot.

Such a fun group of friends- from soccer, school, old neighborhood, and new neighborhood.  They all had a great time and blended well

DSC01129 Circus Peanut Game, a great age to start games like this

DSC01166Josh shaped balloons and Jessi (his “unofficial” girlfriend) did face painting


Birthday wishes for our sweet girls! 

Sophie on right, Sage left (looking stoic, in deep thought) 

We celebrated a week late since they had soccer try outs on their B-day.  What a fun filled day, one more b-day post coming, can’t fit on one post :)   

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bon Appetit

Trevor and I on our way to La Caille (Fine French Dining) with his French class from school.  He informed me that La Caille means “the quail” in French.  So nice having a formal night out with my youngest boy.
The students took an etiquette course to prepare for this night.  Pretty great sitting at a table with a half dozen teenagers, some mom’s & nannies, seeing the boys hold their pinky out to drink fresh lemonade, making sure not to put elbows on the table, and enjoying escargot, with sorbet in between to cleanse the pallet.  Once they remembered which fork to use, they did great!
So beautiful, nice stroll around the grounds, envision lounging with a good book while the children explore and enjoy the animals (planning my next relaxing afternoon ;)
Immaculate gardens
Exquisite grounds
Love the Orange tree on the left, since they don’t grow here.
18th Century rural French Chalet
Road Hog :)
Such a delightful evening with my boy, while the girls went to a movie with Uncle Mike & Grandma. 
Makes me want to tour France, Adieu
All pictures SOOC

Sunday, May 27, 2012

HaPpY biRtHdaY DadDy

to the most adorable hubby and dad!  Yummy Kneaders cake

Surprise! We surprised him with friends & neighbors at the house when we returned from the girls soccer game. I would’ve had it all decorated, but he came home first to change before the game… oh well.

Josh & Uncle Mike

Sarah & Nina, we’ve enjoyed getting to know our wonderful neighbors! Nina won the balloon toss :)               

the teenagers & kids gravitated here for a cozy mini concert
Sophie got caught climbing in Trevor’s guitar case, so Paul picked her up as a backpack.

Happy Birthday Babe, there are so many great things to celebrate with you!  XOXOXO

Thursday, May 17, 2012

He did it…

DSC00191 frame

Josh earned his Eagle!


Court of Honor 

beautiful Golden Eagle, the boys thought the girl was cute too :)

we held the program in our old ward (neighborhood), since he earned it there


So proud of all four of these boys!  Josh completed his Eagle last summer, but waited for his buddies to have the Court of Honor together.  Great Job Boys!


He chose a favorite scout leader, Spencer (right), to honor as his mentor

Josh organized his project improving the trail systems in our community, working on a mountain bike trail nearby.  They had to hike a mile or so with their tools on a hot July day to get to where they needed to work.  They worked hard and improved a good portion of the trail.  So nice seeing bikers come by and thank them for their hard work.  Even the girls put forth effort (bottom right), we mainly made sure they had water and were safe, and provided pizza afterwards :)  Thankful for all who came out to help!



Mother’s Pin, Father’s pin, Mentor’s pin.  Paul spoke this time, I spoke at Nick’s Court of Honor


So thankful for the great men and leaders in Josh’s life.  They were always there for him, encouraging him, teaching him and supporting him; planning hikes, campouts, certifications, & service projects.  They always tell me what a great kid Josh is and how much they enjoyed having him in their troop, he is a good leader and great friend to all.  And so nice of Josh’s new bishop (center picture) and new scout group to come to his Court of Honor, supportive friends. 


Josh talking about becoming an Eagle and what it means to him, thanking his parents & leaders.  His old bishop in the background, Josh enjoyed being his assistant before we moved!


Texas Roadhouse after to celebrate, we gave him a nice Invicta watch to remember this special day.

Josh- great job for taking charge and for the service you provided in our community.  It was time consuming and difficult at times, but you put a lot into it and worked hard to achieve your goals and help others.  We couldn’t be more proud!  You are very skilled with great goals in life that we know you can achieve!  But mostly, thanks for being such a great kid and a joy to raise! 


Yee, Haw!  We love you Josh!  They were so proud of him and loved seeing the live Eagle (Sage left, Sophie right)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Piano Recital

Sage playing Sonatina by Muzio Clementi
Sophie and Sage have taken off in piano this year.  They have a great teacher nearby and their brothers teach them current songs from the radio, I’ll have to post some.  Sage played this a little fast, but pretty amazing how her fingers jump around since her little hands can’t span the far notes, with her toes barely touching the ground.  Making it look effortless.  It’s nice when they get past the plunking stage and it starts sounding beautiful…
Well done guys
Sophie played the song “Perfect” at her piano lesson last week, she learned from Josh, her cute piano teacher was impressed and asked Sophie to teach her the song :)
Trevor & Girls choice for dinner, Costa Vida it was!  Yum

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Doing it, I’m quitting my job…

Making a big change.  For the past three years I’ve worked as a design consultant for CDI (Custom Decorators Inc.), using my degree in Interior Design, a passion.  It’s an exciting job and no two days are alike, rode a Cat Trak to work one day (lodge in the mountains).  I’ve worked with some fun designers and I've had great clients (most days), and managers, a nice company to work for.  It started as a part time job to work while my kids were in school, perfect, until it got overly busy.  I became certified in more areas and was one of the top designers in our state, days filled with Webinars, Certifications, training new designers, Paperwork, and Scheduling appointments, along with all the driving and time with clients.  Of course I’ll miss most of it, especially the yearly week-end Escape for the designers in the US and Canada, and Premiers twice a year.  I enjoyed my job, but I need to put my family first.  I put in my two weeks a little while ago, gave them extra time to train someone else while I wrap things up.  I was grateful to hear my supervisor (from Washington) tell me there is an open door and I am always welcome back.  I also have my own business doing the same thing, so if I ever get bored (ha, ha), or later in life, I can do it on my own if desired, or go back to CDI.  I learned a lot, became more professional and confident in my work, became more computer savvy used my laptop in clients home, and enjoyed helping my clients.  I have no regrets (except I’ve seen some wear on the girls with me being so busy) and I'm so grateful for the opportunity, but there is a time and place for everything, and I don't want to miss out on being a mom while my children are still young.

just got my shutters & drapes, it adds so much to the room!
I'm looking forward to catching up and getting more involved in things at home~ make better dinners, good reading, have time to work out, get more involved in my kids schools, charity work, and mainly enjoy my family while they’re still young…  I even let my cleaning lady go, not easy.  I’m grateful to be a full time mom again and for the support and hard work my husband always gives.  I won’t worry about getting bored, 2 days after putting in my 2 weeks, I got a new job in my ward (church) as Camp Director… Girls Camp is next month, yikes.  It’s a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to it.  Of course this job is volunteer.   


more time for this… after school snacks for the kiddos to come home too
If I haven’t lost all my blog readers by now, blogging wasn’t high on my list while I was working, I’m planning to keep up on it better, especially for the girls.
from Miss Domesticated for now