Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sophie and Sage’s Birthday Carnival…

DSC01006My babies are turning 9!  Not babies anymore

Sweet Sophie and Sage asked for a carnival birthday, so now that I’m not working (as much), we had time to plan a fun home party, the best!

They had a great time with friends in our private backyard carnival


Bean Bag Toss

DSC01099Gunny Sac Race

DSC01111Balloon Toss


Waiting for the last girls to do the Hoop Shoot.

Such a fun group of friends- from soccer, school, old neighborhood, and new neighborhood.  They all had a great time and blended well

DSC01129 Circus Peanut Game, a great age to start games like this

DSC01166Josh shaped balloons and Jessi (his “unofficial” girlfriend) did face painting


Birthday wishes for our sweet girls! 

Sophie on right, Sage left (looking stoic, in deep thought) 

We celebrated a week late since they had soccer try outs on their B-day.  What a fun filled day, one more b-day post coming, can’t fit on one post :)   

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