Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Doing it, I’m quitting my job…

Making a big change.  For the past three years I’ve worked as a design consultant for CDI (Custom Decorators Inc.), using my degree in Interior Design, a passion.  It’s an exciting job and no two days are alike, rode a Cat Trak to work one day (lodge in the mountains).  I’ve worked with some fun designers and I've had great clients (most days), and managers, a nice company to work for.  It started as a part time job to work while my kids were in school, perfect, until it got overly busy.  I became certified in more areas and was one of the top designers in our state, days filled with Webinars, Certifications, training new designers, Paperwork, and Scheduling appointments, along with all the driving and time with clients.  Of course I’ll miss most of it, especially the yearly week-end Escape for the designers in the US and Canada, and Premiers twice a year.  I enjoyed my job, but I need to put my family first.  I put in my two weeks a little while ago, gave them extra time to train someone else while I wrap things up.  I was grateful to hear my supervisor (from Washington) tell me there is an open door and I am always welcome back.  I also have my own business doing the same thing, so if I ever get bored (ha, ha), or later in life, I can do it on my own if desired, or go back to CDI.  I learned a lot, became more professional and confident in my work, became more computer savvy used my laptop in clients home, and enjoyed helping my clients.  I have no regrets (except I’ve seen some wear on the girls with me being so busy) and I'm so grateful for the opportunity, but there is a time and place for everything, and I don't want to miss out on being a mom while my children are still young.

just got my shutters & drapes, it adds so much to the room!
I'm looking forward to catching up and getting more involved in things at home~ make better dinners, good reading, have time to work out, get more involved in my kids schools, charity work, and mainly enjoy my family while they’re still young…  I even let my cleaning lady go, not easy.  I’m grateful to be a full time mom again and for the support and hard work my husband always gives.  I won’t worry about getting bored, 2 days after putting in my 2 weeks, I got a new job in my ward (church) as Camp Director… Girls Camp is next month, yikes.  It’s a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to it.  Of course this job is volunteer.   


more time for this… after school snacks for the kiddos to come home too
If I haven’t lost all my blog readers by now, blogging wasn’t high on my list while I was working, I’m planning to keep up on it better, especially for the girls.
from Miss Domesticated for now


SSBenjamins said...

Good for you, it says something about you when they tell you your always welcomed back! Now a cleaning lady- how lucky is that Ü I hear they say, a time and season for everything- maybe this is the time and season for you to be home again. Great job on what you were doing and the experience you were able to get from it. We hope you guys are doing well. We miss you! !

Dianne said...

You're so cute Shalise, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, as seldom as I've been posting lately.
So true, there is a time and season for everything. I delayed the career path with our adoption, and I shouldn't jump the gun too quick, putting if off is worth every minute to be the mom I want to be (I have to remind myself that when they are bickering, lol). But I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Unfortunately, I had to let go of my cleaning lady, just couldn't justify it anymore.
You're a great mom with a darling family, and good friend to all.

Crystal said...

That's great! It's definitely fun to get out and do things which make you feel good. But it's even better to be able to do that at home, because it makes everyone happy. :) I think it's great you have your own thing going on the side too though, because everyone still needs something of their own! :)

In case you need some recipe ideas for those "better dinners" you should check out yummly.com. It is a recipe search engine. They search recipes from about 15 sites and you can break it down by your taste preferences (salty, sweet, spicey, etc) You can also specify alergies, no dairy, gluten free, etc.. You can tell it to include/exclude an ingredient... I love it and use it almost daily!